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July, 12th 2017 - For the latest documentation about this topic, please read SAP Knowledge Base Article number 2503381.




FI-FM is the obsolete name for Funds Management (for old releases such as 30F, 40B, 46C). Now it is called PSM-FM and has the same meaning.

Activation of public sector business function means that you want to use funds management functionality (PSM-FM).

Since release 4.7 it became an add-on and not part of SAP-APPL package anymore.

PSM-FM after this release, needs to be activated in transaction SFW5, under ENTERPRISE_EXTENSIONS.

If EA-PS is active, this means that PSM-FM is activated. EA-PS is also the package for Funds Management, not SAP-APPL anymore.


PSM-FM activation

To activate PSM-FM, you first need to do so in transaction SFW5 as explained above. Then, you should review sap help link below where you will find useful information to guide you about funds management. SAP Library -> SAP ERP Central Component -> Financials -> Public Sector Management -> Funds Management

Direct link:

In addition, I suggest you to read also the documentation available in the following menu inside your system:

Transaction SPRO (IMG) -> Public Sector Management -> Funds Management Government -> Prepare Funds Management Installation

It is only a text document but with links and with all the necessary instructions to start FM in your company.


The menu for Public Sector Government will appear in transaction SPRO after you activate PSM-FM. In EA-PS, Funds Management and other extensions are Extension sets.

In transaction SFW5, only reversible business functions can be deactivated. Usually the activation of a business function should be done
carefully, after a project that shows the need of the Business Function. Any business function activation in transaction SFW5 impacts the entire client and integrated areas. For example, when you have activated PSM-FM (funds management, EA-PS in SFW5) it is also not possible to deactivate it again.

Unfortunately there is no possibility to deactivate PSM-FM after having activated it in the system/client.


How to disable PSM-FM functionalities in a system/client

The activation of PSM-FM is per client, not company code, this means that if you have more than one company code in that system/client, you must customize the minimum for all your company codes otherwise you will receive errors.

As explained above, the activation of EA-PS cannot be reversed in transaction SFW5.

If you want to deactivate funds management functionalities you should go through all your customizing settings in PSM-FM and deactivate it.

You should deactivate some customizing settings to be able to deactivate PSM-FM completely, specially the following:

1. Transaction SPRO -> Public Sector Management -> Funds Management Government -> Actual and Commitment Update/Integration -> Activate/Deactivate Funds Management.


Flags "Account Assignment Derivation" and "Activate Update in Funds Management" should be blank.

2. Transaction SPRO -> Public Sector Management -> General Settings for Public Sector Management -> Basic Settings: Account Assignment Elements -> Activate Account Assignment Elements (_ISPSFM_VV_FMISPS_3)


Make sure to unmark all Account Assignment Elements.

3. If you are using Former Budgeting check the following customizing

Transaction SPRO  -> Public Sector Management   -> Funds Management Government -> Former Budgeting -> Availability Control -> Deactivate/Activate Availability Control



"Always Check" and "Check Revenues" flags should not be marked

4. If you are using BCS, check the following customizing

Transaction SPRO -> Public Sector Management   -> Funds Management Government -> Budget Control System (BCS) -> Availability Control -> Define Activation of Availability Control


Ledger should not be active or line removed from the customizing.

5. As the last step if you do not intend to activate Funds Management, please do so via the following menu:

Transaction SPRO -> Public Sector Management -> Funds Management Government -> Basic Settings -> Activate Global Funds Management Functions (PSM-FM)


Unmark the checkbox.

Bear in mind that maybe other settings must also be deactivated, please review fully your SPRO customizing menu for PSM-FM.


IMPORTANT: Implement PSM-FM means a complete new project since this module affects all the others (SD, MM, PM, PP, CO, FI) after implemented. Every document from every source (MM or SD for example), must have at least the fields funds center and commitment item inserted in all screens in case you activate EA-PS business function. In addition, budget should be created so all the postings will be saved only in case there is budget enough, according the rules defined in PSM-FM customizing.

In case you decide to implement PSM-FM component (by activating EA-PS business function) it is recommended that you consider this a separate project and make sure that areas such as FI, CO, MM, SD and PM are involved in this project.



I recommend the reading of the following documentation related to the same topic:

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