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SAP guides Fed-market successes with a state-of-the art FedRAMP-certified cloud, plus rapid innovation, no upgrade costs, and seamless integrations.


By John Warker, VP Federal, SAP SuccessFactors and Thomas Lynch, NA Head of HXM Value Advisory SAP SuccessFactors

There’s a war of words mounting among the cloud titans, and it’s aimed at the primary systems that keep government agencies operating effectively. The battleground at stake is not on premises vs cloud, it’s significantly more explicit than that older discussion.

Words like “Lift and shift old ERPs to the cloud” are pitted against “enterprise management cloud with SaaS.” On both sides the call to action is for government agencies to become citizens of the cloud. SAP agrees, and we stand alone in our cloud-first approach to bringing Federal agencies into the cloud. Our long-term Federal experience addresses agencies’ unique security and regulation needs and weaves in the technology innovations that support fast growth and agility.

We’ve rounded up 4 main reasons why government agencies should turn to SAP for taking the platforms they depend on most—HR management and ERP—to the cloud.

  • SAP has partnered with Federal agencies for decades and has the expertise to address unique Federal requirements.
    More than 40 agencies and over 1.6 million users rely on SuccessFactors Talent Management solutions today, which can easily extend to Personnel and Payroll. Federal agencies also depend on SAP ERP, Federal Financials, Concur Travel & Expense, and Advanced Analytics solutions. Our partners have had incredible success moving agencies’ on-premises solutions to a secure, Fed-compliant, state-of-the-art SAP cloud. In fact, SAP NS2, with its advanced cloud and security expertise, has supported FedRAMP-accredited HR solutions longer than any other solution providers.

  • As a leader in FedRAMP accreditations and with SAP NS2 support, SAP ensures the delivery of secure, compliant, Fed-ready solutions.
    SAP NS2 does the impossible by delivering the tightest security without hindering innovation. Services and support are localized by personnel trained to protect government data and systems in a fully compliant cloud. SAP has one of the largest portfolios of workforce solutions that meet government security compliance requirements. FedRAMP-accredited solutions from SAP include: SuccessFactors, Employee Central Payroll, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP NS2 Cloud Platform. SAP has additional solutions that are nearing FedRAMP accreditation.

  • The extensive depth and breadth in HR, Talent Management, and ERP at SAP provides experience plus operational advantages.
    No other company can match the range of solutions that SAP offers. SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) cloud solutions extensive portfolio includes Core HR &Payroll, Talent Management, Learning, and Employee Experience. These solutions include intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation to drive efficiency and improve employee experience. In addition, SAP provides other cloud solutions such as ERP, Financials, Travel & Expense, Contingent Labor, and Analytics – all configured for the unique needs of Federal agencies.

  • Adaptable configurations (Accelerators) designed specifically for the Federal market speed time to value.
    SAP Accelerators offer Federal agencies a faster on-ramp to speed the transition to SAP HXM solutions. The Accelerators are based on our years of experience implementing workforce solutions for the government and configured for Federal requirements in order to ease migrations to SAP Personnel, Payroll, Talent Management, and Learning and Development solutions.

Leading-Edge Technology Protects Lives, Assets, and Information

As Federal agencies move to the cloud, they need to think about what solutions will meet their future needs in a secured environment. Successful HR management and ERP systems are the engines that provide high-quality employee experiences, operational value, and rapid responses for mission-critical demands.

With SAP, you can recruit, develop, and retain the best talent for the core missions of the DoD, military, and government. SAP Success Factors and SAP HXM simplify HR processes, empower your workforce, and develop your talent to deliver better outcomes. When you complement these HR solutions with SAP Intelligent Enterprise and SAP ERP, you are primed and ready to consistently realize business and operational value.

 SAP has the industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions for helping government agencies drive transformation, increase agility, and engage the best possible talent. Find more information about: