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Product and Topic Expert
When you need to learn more about how to use SAP Subscription Billing, where do you look first for information? Apart from your usual search engine, you probably look in the SAP Help Portal or in the SAP Community. That's perfect! Those are ideal places to find detailed guides and to ask the experts.

But did you also know that there's much more content inside the solution itself? In this blog post, we’ll uncover what’s hidden behind that handy question mark in the top right corner of your screen.

Help Button

Swim in a Lake of Help(ful) Bubbles

If you’ve already tried out the question mark button that displays the in-app help in many SAP solutions, then you're already familiar with them: question marks that float like bubbles over many fields, buttons and other elements. These bubbles let you know that there's more information available.

In-app help

You can then access the information about an element by clicking the bubble.

Displaying the help

And you also find all the help for the current screen in the panel on the right.

Screen help

Keep in mind that the in-app help is specific to each app. So, for example, if you want to see the help contents for the Monitor Rating app, you have to swim over to that app first.

Monitor Rating app

Take an Informative Walk

Most apps in SAP Subscription Billing include a few hiking trails that guide you along step by step: the guided tours. These lead you through a task on the user interface, showing you where to click first and which fields to fill in which order.

For example, here you see a recorded tour:

You can find the list of available tours for an app in the Tutorials panel:

Tutorials panel

And this sign shows you the way to the guided tours of the app:

Guided tours

To play a guided tour, simply open it:

Start of guided tour

Need a Coffee Break?

After all that swimming and hiking, why don't you take a rest for a bit in our Video Library? There you can comfortably watch our how-to videos while enjoying a coffee.

And when you’re back to work and logged in to SAP Subscription Billing, you’ll also find the how-to videos embedded in the corresponding in-app help:

How-to videos of the Manage Subscriptions app

That’s all on our in-app help. Thank you for reading today’s blog post! ☁️

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Stay tuned and take care!


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