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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Since SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC), version for SAP NetWeaver 10.1, released about three years ago, BPC exists in two versions: standard and embedded.

We observed that although there is a rich knowledge sharing content available - either from SAP or from our ecosystem - it looks like the overall maturity level on embedded is still lower than standard.


This is how the idea of this blog came out: provide an entry point to the available resources, and maybe elaborate on some aspects.


One product / different flavors

SAP BPC comes in different flavors: BPC version for Microsoft, BPC version for NetWeaver, BPC version for SAP HANA, BPC standard (aka classic), BPC embedded, BPC on HANA, and recently, BPC optimized for S/4 HANA.

It looks cumbersome, but it is actually pretty simple, and extremely well explained in this short article.

Now, as BPC embedded gets more and more traction, we think it’s time to regroup all available material so that partners and customers become more familiar with the standard version and how they can understand when and how to position BPC embedded.


One entry point / two tracks / many bloggers

To provide a 360° view, I’ve asked a set of experts to share their knowledge on BPC embedded through two tracks:

  • one strategic / functional track which will focus on the business aspects and detail the strategy of BPC embedded.

  • one technical track which will give detailed insights and “how-to” implement BPC embedded.

Between September 2016 and March 2017, about 12 of them have shared their views, and here is the finalized content.


Strategic track Technical track
Embedded model positioning, from Kirk Anderson, VP EPM Solution Management Solving the planners’ dilemma, from Uwe Fischer, head of BPC development
Business challenges the embedded model addresses, from Kirk Anderson, VP EPM Solution Management Combining the 2 worlds of BPC standard and BW, from Frank Klingl, head of planning engines development
Planning comes home, from Thorsten Jopp, EPM global center of excellence expert How to set up a budgeting process, from Gerd Schoeffl, planning expert
SAP BPC embedded implementation real cases – part I from Julien Dyon, Regional Implementation Group BPC expert How to Extend BPC 10.1 NW Web UI and How to Customize BPC 10.1 NW Web UI Theme from Gavin Du, BPC product manager
 SAP BPC embedded implementation real cases – part II Transfer local plan data to global InfoProviders from Gerd Schoeffl, BW planning expert
Unifying BPC NW and BW-IP from Uwe Fischer, head of BPC development How to efficiently realize a rolling forecast scenario from Gerd Schoeffl, BW planning expert
An introduction to Planning, from Detlef Wassmuth, BPC product manager How to validate your data, from Gerd Schoeffl, BW planning expert
Planning as part of BW, from Detlef Wassmuth, BPC product manager Mandatory short comments, from Gerd Schoeffl, BW planning expert
Data Warehousing, SAP Business Warehouse (BW), and Planning, from Brian Wood, BW product manager Comments with a minimum of modelling, from Gerd Schoeffl, BW planning expert
Office client strategy, from Jeanne Bigonnet, office clients product manager Using SQL-script for characteristic relationships, from Gerd Schoeffl, BW planning expert
Reasons to move from BW-IP to BPC, from Detlef Wassmuth, BPC product manager Calling a Design Studio application from a BPC10.1 Business Process Flow, from Gerd Schoeffl, BW planning expert
Everything you need to know to upgrade from standard to embedded model, an outside in view from Column5, SAP partner From BPC standard to BPC embedded: Reverse sign for account type with Key Figure Model, from William Yu, BPC product manager
The next generation consolidation solution: Real Time Consolidation, from Roy Jin, BPC product manager and consolidation expert
Report and input value with YTD in BPC Embedded Model, from William Yu, BPC product manager
Data volume restriction when leveraging the Embedded BW to store BPC data


As Community is all about sharing knowledge, we expect you to ask questions and provide feedback.

Looking forward to reading your comments.
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