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DM Stack 1100 of SAP Disclosure Management 10.1 has been released on 30 October, 2017.


These scenarios benefit from this latest release:

  • Core SAP Disclosure Management functionalities

  • Installation, Update and Operations

  • Security

  • US SEC Filings and other XBRL scenarios using the Input Schedule Method

  • EU XBRL Filings and other XBRL scenarios using the Mapping Method

  • E-Bilanz Tax Filings

  • API Fixes


The following SAP Notes will provide more details:



Learn about new features and capabilities in the following.


Template Creator App Creates Delta Reports

The Template Creator App has been extended with a new function to create Taxonomy Delta Reports. This means you can simply select an already existing report in the Template Creator App and the newly created Business Content is then compared to this report. So you can easily find out, which chapters you need to exchange with the new files and which chapters you need to add or remove. Now you know, where the changes are, so you do not need to blindly update every chapter any longer!


The delta report contains the following information:

  • Chapters to be added to the report

  • Chapters to be removed from the report

  • Chapters needed to be replaced with the newly created Business Content

  • Chapters with only textual changes (headlines, …) – might be exchanged

  • Chapters with different length (most likely caused by different settings in the Template Creator App) – might be exchanged

  • Chapters with no differences at all – no need to exchange them


New Tile "Classic DM Website" in Fiori Launchpad

The SAP Disclosure Management Launchpad got a new tile that allows users to switch to the SAP Disclosure Management Classic UI. This tile is called "Classic DM Website". It is visible for all users. A user does not need any specific business roles to use this tile. Together with the link from Classic DM Website to DM Fiori Launchpad, which was introduced in DM Stack 1000, it is now easily possible to move in both directions.


Word Templates Are Versioned

In the past, only one revision of a Word template per report was kept. Now old versions are automatically archived when a new one is uploaded. You can download, restore and upload template revisions or delete complete templates including all revisions.


Templates Can Be Rolled Out

With this new feature, you can easily rollout Word styles to all Word chapters at the start of the reporting process. Additionally, you can change styles in all Word chapters for a report in one step during the reporting process and you can also remove outdated styles. A separate permission is required. The permission 'Rollout Templates' is added to the standard role 'Standard-Advanced-Manager'.





Audit Trail Contains Additional Information

The Audit Trail has been improved by adding additional actions into it.

These actions are:

  • Roll Forward

  • Publish Period

  • User password changes for users with Basic Authentication


Version Information of DM Stack Software Components Has Been Simplified

The software component version information has been simplified as from now, the DM Stack number is contained in the Build Version number of each single affected software component.


TLS 1.2 is Supported

With DM Stack 1100 the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 is possible. If you plan to use this feature, be aware that the complete landscape including all source systems must be configured to use TLS 1.2. For SAP Disclosure Management components, you can find the required information in the Administrator’s Guide and in the Security Guide.


Transport of XBRL Taxonomies is Now Possible

In earlier versions transported XBRL taxonomies could not be used in the Entrypoint Activation App or for creating reports using the Mapping Method. With DM Stack 1100 both is possible now.

This means the limitations number 38 and 73 from the SAP Disclosure Management known limitations note are no longer valid.





EBA Taxonomy Support

Although the Business Content for the EBA taxonomy has not been published at time of the release of DM Stack 1100, this scenario is already supported. Create your own Business Content for this taxonomy version using the Template Creator App or wait for the Business Content published by SAP soon.


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