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In this blog we want to give you a collection of noteworthy resources regarding business planning in SAP BW. Most of these can be found as blogs in the current SDN space, others can be found on various 'external' sites.

General Product Information

General Product Information


Unifying BPC NW and BW-IP (PAK)

We have a number of blogs here in SDN covering this topic. Please have a look at uwe.fischer's excellent blog giving you an introduction into the topic and containing links to screen cams showing an example of an end to end scenario:

Unifying BPC NW and BW-IP

In addition,for those who come from the 'BPC standard' world and are venturing into the realms of 'BPC embedded' there is a comparision between he script logic and the Fox Formulas:

Taming the Fox - Unified way

An interesting comparison of the concepts of BPC embedded and BPC classic can be found in:

Concepts compared: BPC standard and BPC embedded

If you want to learn more about the necessary (minimum) authorizations you need for using BPC Embedded please have a look at:

BPC 10.1 Embedded: Authorizations for the “Minimal Planner”


Blog Series about BPC Embedded

In this blog series we are publishing a number of blogs concerning BPC 10.1 Embedded. Currently there is a new blog featured in this series every week.

Everything you always wanted to know about BPC Embedded

Special Topics in BPC Embedded

Here we collect some special topics in BPC Embedded. We start with a blog explaining the use of DAPs on Composite Providers.

BPC 10.1 embedded: How DAPs determine Authorizations for HCPRs

In addition, there is a new blog regarding Data Access Profiles in BPC embedded:

BPC Embedded: Common DAP Configurations

And we have a link to another blog showing how BPC Embedded with Analysis for Office enables you also to create reports without spending much time on modelling a query first.

Query less Reporting in BPC embedded

Keep in mind that BPC Embedded uses PAK technology as a technical basis so also check the links we have gathered under the topic 'In Memory Planning PAK'.

In addition there is a nice series of blogs by noel.munday regarding the usage of fox formulas in BPC Planning for S/4HANA - all of this information naturally also applies the BPC Embedded (and PAK, BW-IP):

BPC Planning for S/4HANA – FOX formulas – Part 1

In BPC Embedded you can also use the BRF+ framework to define custom planning logic. There is a how to paper explaining how this can be done:

BRFplusApplications in SAP BPC for S/4 HANA

In addition it is possible to define advanced data slices in BRF+. This is described in SAP note 2686429 – BW-IP: Dataslices with BRFplus Exit.


In Memory Planning PAK 

There is again a blog done by uwe.fischer explaining the fundamentals of the move from BW-IP to PAK:

Moving from BW-IP to SAP HANA optimized planning with the new Planning Applications Kit

We have a number of blogs showing the evolution of the in memory features and the new features delivered in 2014:

Improvements on SAP HANA-optimized planning with the Planning Applications Kit (PAK)

Further Improvements on SAP HANA-optimized planning with the Planning Applications Kit in 2014

And here are two blogs regarding the new features delivered in BW 7.5. The first blog gives an overview of the new features in BW 7.5, the second blogs gives an update on the new features that have been added with our support pack SP4. This second blog also contains a number of short videos demonstrating the new functionality.

Planning Engine Improvements for BPC Embedded Model, PAK and BW-IP with BW 7.50

Planning Engine Improvements for BPC Embedded Model, PAK and BW-IP with BW 7.50 SP4


In addition we have a number of more 'technical' blogs showing how to analyze the execution of a planning function/disaggregation in HANA and concerning the debugging of SQL-Script and FOX formulas (with videos):

How to Check whether a Planning Function or a Disaggregation in PAK is executed in Memory

Debugging a planning function of type formula in BW-IP

Debugging Fox Formulas in BW-IP and PAK

Debugging SQL-Script based Planning Functions in BPC 10.1 Embedded/PAK

BPC 10.1 Embedded – New Features for Debugging a Planning Function type SQL-script


If you need more technical information about PAK like a list of supported features please have a look at our central note


BW/4HANA and BPC11

As we have startet the journey with a new BW (BW/4HANA) we also have launched our new version of BPC which is called BPC11. In the following blog you can get some information about the improvements in the Embedded model.

First Steps from BW-IP and PAK towards BPC11 planning with Embedded Model

Another blog shows how you can migrate from BPC 10.1 or BW-IP/PAK to BPC11:

Many roads lead to SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0 (SAP BPC 11.0)

As we continue our journey with BPC11 on BW/4HANA we are shipping new features with our support pack 8. Please have a look at the following post for the new feature in the Analytical Engine:

Improvements of BW/4HANA Analytical Engine in Q1 2018 with BW/4HANA 1.0 SP08

The more planning related features are described in the blog

Improvements of BPC/11 planning engine in Q1 2018.


As we are venturing into BW/4HANA 2.0 we also have some improvements in the Analytical Engine as well as in BPC:

Improvements of BW/4HANA Analytical Engine in Q1 2019 with BW/4HANA 2.0

Improvements of BPC 11.1 planning engine in Q1 2019




List of How to Papers

In this list we have collected a important How to Papers usable for BPC 10.1 Embedded Model as well as for PAK/BW IP. Also papers regarding planning in Analysis for Office are mentioned in this list.

SAP How-To Guides for Analysis and Planning

The list and a collection of additional papers regarding BPC Optimized can also be found under

SAP How-To Guides For BPC 10.1 Embedded, PAK/BW-IP, and Analysis for Office

In case you are looking for How ot Papers regarding BPC standard you should have a look at

SAP How-To Guides for BPC Standard


Wiki on BW-IP/PAK

In this wiki we collect more technical information regarding the different features of BW-IP/PAK.

BW-PLA - Planning - SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse - SCN Wiki


External References Regarding PAK

We would also like to add some external view on our product:

Please have a look at an amazing success story of a PAK implementation at our customer Siemens Energy done by GF-Partners

PAK in a real-case scenario at our customer Siemens Energy
We also want to mention a comparision of BCP Embedded and BPC standard with a focus on real-time consolidation done by Stamps Partners

„...Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming...“ (David Bowie) Realtime-Consolidation with S...

And last but not least we would like to mention a very nice introduction into PAK (with some reference to BPC and the unification of PAK and BPC) done by our partner MHP:

MHPBoxenstopp: In-Memory Planung mit SAP BI-IP und PAK powered by SAP HANA - YouTube