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Within CDOTE it is required to define so called Order Request Types. But what are they about and what kind of settings can I do with them?

Order Request Categories are the SAP defined entities that can be utilized. Based on them general behavioral patterns for the solution are enforced. Each Order Request Category consists of a combination of the three general differentiators:

  • Derivative Type (indicating it is an Order Request for a future, the only supported Derivative Type in CDOTE as of today. Note: Commodity risk can handle a lot more commodity derivative types)

  • Order Kind (indicating whether it is a Pricing or Hedge Order). Whereby Pricing Orders are bound to some logistical document and created from logistics. Hedge Orders on the other hand are created with the intent of hedging an existing position without a direct link to a logistical document

  • Counterparty Information (indicating whether the order should be executed against market or is an internal or external exchange order)

The Categories are then used as a basis when it comes to customization of Order Request Types. Each Order Request Type has to be assigned to an Order Request Category.

Order Request Categories define key data relevant for CDOTE processes. For Example the screen layout is influenced by the Order Request Category. Meaning if you are creating an Order Request for an exchange order you will be able to provide additional information about your counterparty. Being it information based on your actual business partner (which account at which broker to trade with?) or information of the internal subaccount you would like to trade with.

In addition to that general behavioral stuff some more specifics can be defined by implementing own Order Request Types. Such as:

  • Define default Order Request Types to be used in case of fills coming in not directly assigned to an order request

  • Set if partial fills should be allowed or only complete fills

  • Activate the synchronized commodity risk update concept for certain Order Request Types

  • Configure that Order Requests of certain types are directly transmitted and others not

  • Define that Order Requests of a type can have assigned documents and if so how the cardinality should look like

  • Define changeable fields during an Amendment

  • And many more things can be customized based on the Order Request Type

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