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Last update: October 2022.

SAP AI Business Services provide strategic machine learning capabilities that help automating and optimizing processes while enriching the customer experience. These reusable services are based on REST APIs and available on SAP Business Technology Platform. With this architecture companies can integrate enterprise-grade ML capabilities side-by-side in a simplified, compliant, and secure way.

At the same time, SAP leads by example and consumes its own technology whereever it makes sense for customers in the context of efficiency and effectiveness gains through process automation. Hence, SAP AI Business Services are also featured in many SAP business applications (aka line-of-business or LoB solutions) and can be directly consumed through standard integration scenarios. This type of technology provisioning is referred to as 'everyday AI'. These applications provide productive use cases to their end consumers directly within the business process, making integration and data science investments obsolete.

In this blog I consolidated a list of SAP LoB applications that feature SAP AI Business Services related to business document processing (i.e. document classification, information extraction, and data enrichment). The table below contains all current standard integrations with SAP products and links to official resources to learn more about each offering:

Product Name Use Case Assets Blog Video
SAP Concur Invoice  Supplier Invoice Processing Product brief n.a. Link
SAP Cash Application Payment Advice Extraction SAP Help Portal Blog Link
SAP Business ByDesign Intelligent Invoice Scanning SAP Help Portal Link Link
SAP Business ByDesign Sales Order Creation from Customer’s Purchase Order (1C1) SAP Help Portal Link Link
SAP Business ByDesign Intelligent Expense Report (employee Self-Services for expense reporting on smartphones) SAP Help Portal Link Link
SAP Business ByDesign Proof of Delivery Note Upload in the Outbound Delivery (1S1) SAP Help Portal Link Link
SAP Business One  Intelligent Invoice Scanning

SAP Note 3021904

SAP Note 3060961


SAP Business One Lead Creation from Business Cards see above see above Link
(since 2011 cloud release)
Create Sales Orders from Unstructured Data (‏4X9‏)

SAP Help Portal

SAP Best Practice
Link Link
(since 2021 onprem release)
Create Sales Orders from Unstructured Data (‏4X9‏)

SAP Help Portal

SAP Best Practice
Link Link
(since 1809 cloud release)
Intelligent Content Processing for Document Classification (‏2YC‏) SAP Best Practice Link Link
SAP Central Invoice Management
(since 2212)
Document Information Extraction SAP Help Portal n/a Link
SAP Process Automation Smart Document Processing SAP Help Portal Link Link
SAP Intelligent Trade Claims Management
(since 2208)
Smart Claims Extraction for Claim Capture SAP Help Portal n/a n/a

What’s next?

SAP is currently working on a range of new standard integrations with regard to business document processing (e.g. with different industry solutions of SAP). This blog post will be updated regularly as new consumption options become available, so check back for updates.

I encourage you to read my main main blog post which features also other consumption options: Business document processing with SAP AI Business Services: consumption options.

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