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Well.. I think BPC is the Application so if it works well in the desktop client, it should work well in the Citrix environment.

But the reality is not same as you expected. In other words, Customer will blame BPC instead of Citrix.

Recently, I worked with a customer for this issue and to make it a short word. BPC 7.5 SP15 will work with Citrix XenApp 6.5 with a couple of tweaking.

It was a long story but I don't want to write down all. :smile:

Anyway, here is the solution for XenApp 6.5.

1. Make separated user profiles when user is trying to use different SP version of BPC 7.5

2. Update ‘windows update of Citrix Server’ with latest version.

3. Apply latest Citrix hotfix (latest one is Rollup pack 3 that was released at December.2013)

4. Add a registry value for enabling Excel hook

5. Apply Citrix note for preventing Restart\Shutdown Event by USER 32

6. Create whole new user profiles.

I hope this blog will help someone who is trying to migrate their Citrix environment from Xenapp5 to 6.5 because Citrix will stop supporting XenApp5  - actually, end of regular maintenance at July. 2014.

    James Lim