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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We are happy to announce the release of SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation 10.1 SP04 patch 1 on January 19, 2017.

See what's new!

  • Faster package schedules
    We have optimized the HTML5 web UI performance on package schedules. When entering data into package schedules, the amounts are now displayed faster, whether the cell is empty or already contains data.

  • Faster package list
    For the HTML5 web UI's package list, we have optimized the code, resulting in a much quicker display of the list.

  • Harmonized SAP Fiori page headers
    When you open a package, you can manually collapse or expand the page header by clicking on a chevron to gain space on the screen. We've developed the same chevron for all the other editors: consolidation, reconciliation, central manual journal entries and rates.

  • Enhanced HTML5 web 'Find' feature
    The "Find" helps you locate data or text in a report or a schedule. Based on our beta customers' feedback, we've improved the feature to have the "Find" focus on the first match by default.

  • All detail displayed in the HTML5 web Control Widget
    For control with "All Audit IDs aggregated", the widget control now displays the ">" button: you can see all control detail.

  • Default period in reports
    When you run a report for the first time, the 12 periods of the current year are proposed by default.

  • Improved HTML5 web's multi-sheet hierarchical reports
    When selecting an item in a multi-sheet hierarchical report, the list of proposed sheets was sometimes incorrect. It's now fixed.

  • Expand and collapse reports or schedules in HTML5 web
    We've enhanced the collapse / expand feature for analysis reports. For the report list, the collapse now collapses all the levels. For the schedule list, the collapse still displays the first level.

  • Remove the currency restriction in HTML5 web manual journal entries
    When you're in the central manual journal entry header, you can now remove the currency restriction you've entered in the consolidation currency field. Click "Delete" or use the keyboard in the member entry.

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