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Hi All,

In BPC NW10.1, a new functionality "Unified Model"(From SP03, name changes to "Embedded Model") is introduced. I did a lot of research but find limitied documents about the usage/best practice of this functionality.

I have created a Unified Model and display the data in EPM Add-in by accessing a query successfully.  This blog is to share my example with you.

It includes following instructions:

1. Change BPC10.1 system in PACK mode.

2. Create Unified Model in PACK mode BPC environment.

3. Create a query in Bex query designer.

4. Display the data of the query in EPM add-in. PLANNING AND CONSOLIDATION NW/2133199.mp4

Other questions you may have:

What is "Unified Model"? Why we need to use it?

--> Please refer to EPM blog:

The detail functionality introduction.

--> Please refer to the EPM blog:

The name space change for "Unified Model" to "Embedded Model" from BPC NW10.1 SP03.


Any question or advice/correction about my video is warmly welcomed.

Best Regards,