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In BFC 10.0 security guide we cannot find the part that show us how to configure the DCOM for excel link.

But I think all of you have referred the following KBA:

1222479 - DCOM configuration for EXCEL Link

Here I would like to share a special case with you.

BFC clients are all in a same domain but servers are out of the domain.

With such kind of environment we can follow the steps in chapter 5.2, Specific DCOM configuration with different domains in BFC 10.0 security guide.

But after finishing the settings, Excel link doesn't work because of DCOM error, even the "Microsoft Excel Application" has been set to "none" as KBA 1222479 mentioned.

It is a quite strange behavior and finally I found the root cause.

Excel 2003 is installed on clients, but in order to open .xlsx files, Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is also installed.

You can find a new service called "Microsoft Office 2007 Book" by running dcomcnfg.

It seems that Excel link communicates with server through this new service.

So the solution is right click the service, change the authentication level to "none" in general tab which is as same as you have done with "Microsoft Excel Application".

Hope it can help you.