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Through this document, I wish to convey about some of the important activities I have observed, as to be followed as an approach methods by a SAP-Strategy management Consultant in the project implementation of SAP-EPM –Strategy Management v7.5.or 10 NW Application, in an organization, for a better performance.

The new SAP-EPM10 Application stack is providing a flexible environment in an enhanced NW platform to implement the integrated Strategy Management solution along with other analytical solutions like, Planning and Consolidation, PCM and Financial Management, using EPM-Add-in for an optimum utilization of an SAP-EPM10 Solution.

As the Strategy management consulting is one of the matured consulting activities, to excel in this, the maturity of understanding about the respective business processes to define a strategy is mandatory and the required key skill set is how to adapt it at optimum level, appropriately, at organization level.

I understand that the Strategy Management is a key game plan to guide a company as it strives to accomplish its mission, goals, and objectives and to keep it on its desired course, with a defined strategy.

While focusing on revamping the existing strategy of an organization, it is mandatory to study the existing organized/unorganized strategies which drive their present business towards their goals, as per their both business model & revenue model.

In strategic consultancy, the identified Strategy Management Consultant initially has to understand the client’s business models and perspectives accurately, as per their Business Process & Industry Domain.The approach method has to be very constructive and diplomatic in all aspects.

As a part of an approach method to implement SAP-EPM-Strategy Management Application, the Strategy Management Consultant supposed to perform the following preliminary activities in reviewing the business and revenue models of the organization:

  • The consultant has to explore activities of an organization performs, and how it performs them, when it performs them to make a profit.
  • Understand the integrated framework for understanding the relationship between the set of activities that an organization chooses to perform,
  • Analyze its revenue model, its cost structure, its resources and capabilities
  • Competitive forces in the organization's industry, and its ability to sustain a competitive advantage even in the face of change.
  • Review the link between resources, product-market positions and profits – and how resources and product-market positions are translated into profits.
  • Analyze the (Existing strategy texts demonstrate correlation between resources or product-market positions and profits, not their translation into profits).
  • Analyze the relationship between business models and corporate social responsibility as well as the international component to business models.
  • Analyze the definition of business models that is deeply rooted in the resource-based and product-market theories of strategy.
  • After analyzing the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Operations and Threats) of existing Strategy Management of an Organization, thoroughly, will be possible to propose a solution with a good Balanced Score Cards Frame Work.

As per my understanding, in the current changes in global scenario, organizations are relooking into adopting a fresh dynamic strategy management in their business models. It leads to a brisk change in their mindset rather following primordial business strategies, by identifying a team of people to implement their Strategy management.

Hence, utilizing the capabilities of a SAP-Strategy Management Consultant in the implementation for an organization in a better way is a very important to reshape the business model perfectly in reaching the goals of revenue model, smooth and safe.

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