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The purpose of this document is to discuss about Terminate account request process being followed by one of our customers. This document's main intention is to explain the terminate account process being followed by one of our customers and to understand how terminate account request is handled by different customers and this can be achieved by collaborating with all consultants in GRC space.

Terminate Account - Requirements


For terminate account request,

Lock the user,

Update the user group to DELETE,

Change the Validity of the User to Previous day date and

Change the Valid To-date of all the roles also to Previous day date


Terminate Account - Configuration


Terminate Account - Request Type



Terminate Account - Configuration Parameter settings


Configuration Parameter - 2042 [Visibility of Valid from/valid to for profiles] value has been set as "3"

Value 3 allows approver to edit only Valid To date of the existing roles for the user.

Terminate Account - GRC request


First selected the user to terminate and included System Line Item with validity dates properly assigned for termination.

In Next step, I clicked on existing assignments and added all existing assignments to the request with provision action RETAIN and changed the validity dates for roles as per my User Validity and submitted the request.

Once this is done, my requirements for Terminate Account request type are properly working.

P.S: I want consultants from GRC space to collaborate with this document and suggest if the process being followed is proper and also to discuss about different ways of terminating a user account through GRC.

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