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One of my Clients recently went for an upgrade from SAP S/4 HANA Version 1610 to 1909. After completing the upgrade, we have found that the data was not appearing in Virtual Provider. Here, I have mentioned the steps that I have followed to replicate the issue and the solution for the same.

Main Problem:

Once after going for S/4 HANA 1909 upgrade, I did a complete test to check if the Reports are working fine. I came across the issue in the following screenshot when I opened a report.

When I tried to check if data gets fetched into the underlying Info providers, I have found that the data in Virtual Providers were not visible. In my case, /ERP/SFIN_V01 is the virtual provider that got affected.

I tried to check further if the underlying Calculation view of this virtual provider can display the data.

In the following steps, I'll show you how I found the root cause of the issue:

  1. You can find the underlying view of the Virtual Provider by double-clicking on the Virtual Provider in the T-code RSA1 and then clicking on More -> Extras -> Information (logs/status) as shown in the below screenshot:

  2. Click on ‘Type/Attributes’ in the screen that appears as shown below:

  3. Now click on ‘Details’ in the ‘Create Infocube’ screen that appears as shown below:

  4. The underlying calculation view can be found in the HANA Information Model section of the screen that appears as shown below:

  5. After finding the name of the HANA Information Model, search it in HANA Modeler. Double click on it and go to ‘View Properties’ Tab.

  6. In the 'View Properties' tab, you can set the 'Default Client'. In my case, it was ‘Session Client’.

  7. Click on the data preview part as mentioned in the below screenshot:

  8. You cannot see the data in 'Raw Data' tab as shown in the below screenshot, after following the above steps:

  9. We can see the solution for this problem in our next section.


I have opened the HANA Modeler and the specific view that didn't display the necessary data and followed the below steps:

  1. In the 'View Properties' tab, now change the default client to 'Cross Client' and click on ‘Save and Activate’ as shown in the below screenshot:

  2. Now, click on 'Data Preview' as shown below:

  3. You can now see that the data will be displayed in Raw Data as per the below screenshot: (Data is hidden to protect information)

  4. You can also check in the infoprovider /ERP/SFIN_V01, if the data is displayed. Go to the T-Code RSA1 in SAP GUI as mentioned in the below screenshot, right click on the Virtual provider /ERP/SFIN_V01 and click on ‘Display Data’.

  5. Now click on 'Fld Selectn for Output'.

  6. Click on 'Select all Characteristics' and Click on 'Execute'.

  7. In the screen that appears, do the necessary selections or else directly click on 'Execute' as shown in the screenshot below:

  8. Now, you can view the data as shown in the below screenshot: (Data is hidden to protect information)


So, in this blog post we have seen the root cause for data not appearing in virtual providers post upgrade. You can post your comments if you have come across similar scenarios after upgrade, because some of the solutions might look easy, but your post might save many hours of effort to find the root cause.

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