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Hi Sapers,

The contents shared here are just for knowledge sharing. The details probably could help in some cases but not in all depending on varying requirements and this is based on my personal experience.

Situation Handling focuses on business process snippets, mainly exceptional circumstances, such as process delays and deviations. It can also inform about approaching deadlines. Situation Handling provides related context information and suggests actions, but it's up to the user to decide whether to use a follow-up action and which one to use.

Earlier, there is no mechanism like this to create new situation template to notify users on it own incase the incident occur.

There are few other situation templates that have been added for Cash Management which will be discuss later:

  1. Situation Template: Payment Medium Creation Error (This is to make sure that the users are notified whenever there is an error occurred while creating payment medium.)

  2. Situation Template: Payment Timeout (This is to make sure that the users are notified whenever the status of the payment batches are not changed in the payment monitor and are not reflecting correctly.)

But in this blog, we will discuss situation – triggered when a bank rejects a payment batch, user will notify automatically template FIN_BCM_BATCH_REJECTED

Today we will use a typical example if Bank reject a payment batch, as an end user, you need to enable emails in the SAP Fiori launchpad settings to get situation notifications by email for object-based situations. This is one of the most popular scenarios a Cash Management.

  1. Manage Teams & Responsibility

Choose a Team Type, entering BCM (Bank Communication Management)



in the search criteria:
Once provided the selection criteria for Responsibility Definition, now proceed with team members/ Your Team is ready.

2. Now it is time to proceed with the Situation Template. In the app  F2947 Manage Situation Types
Type “BCM” in the search criteria and the template will appear. Select FIN_BCM_BATCH_REJECT and hit Copy, a similar screen to the following shows up


Assign an ID and leave Display Sequence Very High, then proceed with Conditions tab.

Processing Order is defaulted to 1, as the Situation Type is a single-step one. Set to Status: Open is defaulted.

You can schedule the background job also to process batches of transactions with the conditions above. job SAP_VDM_FND_DATEFUNCTION_FILL to run daily.


3. Manage Situation Types – Create Situation Type – Notification Settings

Select if notifications will also appear on each team member Fiori Launchpad: otherwise, they will just be seen in F4514 My Situations app




 Notifications to Back Office will be shown on home screen and on My Situations app.
Notification bar to users (top right corner), 


3.3 User will be notified and Email alerts -



3.4  Other useful reference –

For the technical setup in the Situation Framework check our documentation
There are also some setups required for the Notification Framework itself.
Check this SAP note 2488945 - How to setup notifications in Fiori 2.0
These blog might help you (for further guidance please use Component OPU-GW-NOT):
Finally  applications logs: This may help you to narrow the problem scope
Please follow the blog for email notifications:



Sourabh Muthreja