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SAP has come up with the new Consolidation solution Group reporting for the release of S/4HANA On-premise 1809 solution.  This product has the following characteristics

  • Consolidation solution embedded within SAP S/4HANA (on-premise and single- or multi-tenant cloud)

  • Supports complete flow of collection, processing, analysis, publication

  • Data categories and reporting cycles with varying levels of detail for plan, actual, simulation

  • Modern API‘s to flexibly ingest data from any source and feed adjacent systems


What Comprises of this solution is described below

Courtesy SAP SE

The below has the additional features

Courtesy SAP SE


What are the advantages of real-time access?

Data Quality

  • Postings can be checked continuously against central validation rules

  • Shared Master Data and Rules for local and group closing


  • Necessary adjustments can be done locally and results are provided immediately for consolidation

  • Certain consolidation steps can be performed before the consolidation (e.g. currency translation)


  • Fully enabled Drill-through from consolidation to the line-items of the entity (instead of transformation in multiple systems) „Single Source of Truth“

  • Consolidation with free-of-choice fields of the source system

Instant Data Insight for Group Reporting
Embedded analytics for operational accounting and consolidation

Courtesy SAP SE
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