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SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud has been making a lot of marks and interests within customer. The one of the important feature is to use APIs. With the use of APIs It makes architecture/Solution flexible and scalable for future enhancements.

I am capturing here a real use case with integration on PaPM Cloud APIs, CPI and ECC integration.

System Landscape: SAP PaPM Cloud, CPI, HANA, SAP ECC, S/4 HANA, Fiori, SAP BTP


Architecture: Below is the Architecture that describe various data flow and components.



Integration with On-prem HANA system through DP agent following Integration Blog.

Data Integration with HANA: “Model View HANA View” and “Model View HANA Table” function used to federate data from Hana virtual object to PaPM Environment.

Data Write back: “RFA Python” function used to trigger event for CPI to capture the calculated results from PaPM final view. CPI uses “OData” API to read data from PaPM cloud and generate IDocs.

Process Tigger: CPI uses “CreateDeployRunActivityAsync” API to trigger specific process to run at a schedule interval.

Sample Payload for API”


    "envId": "ABC","version": "0001",

    "procId": "PRO_1", "parameters": {"items": [ {"field": "YYY","value": "ZZZ" },{ "field": "RRR","value": "POR"} ]}, "activity": "ACT01"}


Fiori UI: Users have been given customized Fiori application access to interact with PaPM cloud system to manage their BAU operations.


Conclusion: I have captured here a way to integrate the PaPM APIs into real life solutions. This helps to keep the solution flexible enough and easy to integrate with SAP and Non-SAP systems. Please share your thoughts.