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Create a batch posting which will post only due payments with tolerances.

Create your contract and approve it. In my example I have created contract starting mid 2018 with 12 months duration

Activate your contract and check the payment schedule. You should be able to see 12 payments scheduled.


Go to Service Config Editor and configure SchedulableTaskConfig -> paymentRentDueDate ->params. Click on "params" and make sure you add the following values:



Days represent number of days +or – as of current server date.

In this particular example current server date is 2019-01-15 so in the config I set up -16 so the system will gather all due payments up to 2019-01-31. Be careful with dates setup because sometimes because of contract setup (advance/arrears) some items are due for payment at the beginning or at the end of the month.

Same config can be done for interest postings as well, just enter the same configuration in SchedulableTaskConfig -> paymentInterestDueDate

  1. Create batch job and execute it

then check your schedule again


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