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SAP Disclosure Management 10.1 Upgrade Plan From Stack 700 to 1202

Technical Environment:

OS/DB Version- Microsoft  Windows 2012 R2/ MSSQL 2012 SP4

SSO/SAML2.0 Configuration – Across EP+BPC+DM

Below is the Technical Plan & tasks to be considered for a successful SAP DM Upgrade

               Initialization/Preparation Phase

  • PAM & OS/DB compatibility checks

  • Finalize Upgrade Path (Stack 700->800->802->900R->1000-> DM101UPDATE & DM101SP10PL00 dbconnect.temp update->1202)

  • Ensure NTP Time Sync across all the servers are successful and updated

  • Prepare Server for Upgrade & pre-requisites checks, Check Install folders & Screenshots for existing DM configuration

  • sa/CDMUser/Admin/basis credentials check

  • Check the ports being used - Default HTTPS TCP Port is 443, Default TCP Port of DM SERVER – TASK ENGINE 10.1 is 2605, The default TCP Port of DM SERVER – XBRL SERVICE 10.1 is 2981, DM App Server

  • Check existing DM Version along with the stack history running below query:                    SELECT * FROM [DisclosureManagementDB].[Setup].[DMSetupSchemaVersion]

  • Media Downloads (SAP Note# 2138656) along with DISCLMG Support Packages and DM Add-ins 1202 downloads

  • Renew Certificates in all Servers, STRUST & renew Maintenance License for BPC in slicense

  • For Task Engine & XBRL setup Install the Microsoft ODBC driver with full features, MS .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full package or higher, JRE Version 1.8(64-Bit) and MS command line Utilities for MS SQL server in DM Application Servers

  • DM stop - Microsoft Internet Information Services by steps described below

  • Back-up Database (DM & BPC) & File System (DM & BPC) - Golden Copy

  • Back-up Inetpub folder,config files such as web.config, log.config, config20.xml, cundus.enterpriseReporting.Services.dll.config and other data sources.

             Execution/Downtime Phase

  • SAP DM Application Server 10.1 Setup/Upgrade in sequence as per the upgrade path (Stack 700->800->802->900R->1000-> DM101UPDATE & DM101SP10PL00 dbconnect.temp update->1202)

  • Uninstall & Install New version SAP DM Task Engine 10.1

  • Uninstall & Install New version DM 10.1 XBRL service

  • Validate Install/Upgrade successful for all the components in the install logs (SUCCESS/INFO msg should appear)

  • Change and validate files in inetpub

  • DM Add-ins Upgrade to 1202

  • DISCLMG Support Pack Upgrade to 08 in BPC Server

            Post Processing & Finalization

  • Post Upgrade Tasks & Technical Validations

  • Update the web.config content for enabling the SAML for DM, Head refresh etc.

  • Securing connection between SQL Server and SAP DM

  • Setup DM Compliant client - 10.1.1202.1

  • Functional & User Acceptance Testing


Listed activities in the blog can be considered while planning and executing for a successful SAP Disclosure Management Upgrade.