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Issue :

Instance CCB01 for Bulk Loader abruptly stops or fails to start.




As per the error log message  "Initial Password expiry" , shown below

The reason was due to that logon user (as shown below) was either set to "dialog"

or "communication" user-type in the back-end system.

Dialog / Communication  user will have initial password.

If the said user is not logged to ABAP system using sapgui  within 7 days or number of days as per password policy, then initial password will be expired after 7 days reached.

Usually  when login using sapgui , enter logon user id and initial password, next pop-up screen appears asking you to type the permanent password and confirm password within 7 days .



Set the user type for logon user to "SYSTEM".

Never set the user type for the RFC user either to "Dialog" or "Communication" user type.




Logon password for logon user for ABAP system should never expire for life time as this is used for RFC between SAP Convergent Charging system to ABAP back-end system. So set the user-type to "SYSTEM"

Password policy is  applicable only to "Dialog" and "Communication" user type. That means password policy is not applicable to "System" user type. Hence permanent password expires after thirty days or initial password expires after 7 days depending on the password policy for "Dialog" and "Communication" user type.  Whereas permanent password don't expire even after 30 days is reached for "system" user type.

After fixing the issue, start the Bulk Loader instance as shown below

As shown above , instance number for Bulk Loader is 01 (Instance name is CCB)

Start the instance as shown below.

Verify the status of the Bulk Loader instance as shown below

The status showed GREEN.

Verify the status of all the instances for all components of SAP CC as shown below


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