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Issue : 

During launching   the core_tool or running the script error "An error occurred during communication with server during launching the core tool” as shown the screenshot below


Executing script also result similar error message as shown below


The HCI address in the instance map must be directly accessible from the Core Tool host
In order to meet this requirement, search the HCI address as shown below

As shown in the above, Port number 9100 is enabled for the “<hostname>” host  appeared in the parameter name "hci.http.url"=http\://<hostname>\:9100 \ in the core_tool.config file. (first line of the file).

Core_tool.config file is generated automatically during installation of CCD00 instance (SAP COnvergent Charging Dispatcher instance)

Starting the CCD00 instance read the parameter values for all parameter name mentioned in the core_tool.config. DO not change the parameter value.


Also do not use localhost.

Therefore maintain "<hostname> mentioned in the hci.http.url parameter  line of core_tool.config  h instead of  local hostname


As shown below , maintain  correct host name specified in the parameter hci.http.url  every time whenever  executing script “” by entering url in a+ > prompt

Launching the core tool in VNC Viewer screen as shown below


Click Ok button.

Menu screen appeared as shown below


In the tab, click Help, About , to check the version and its SP level for SAP Convergent Charging  as shown above.

If you are still getting the same error, then it could be due to port blocked for <hostname> in firewall . Contact network administrator team to unblock the port for Server host name as mentioned in the parameter hci.http.url of core_tool.config file .

Check and verify whether port is unblocked by running the command at roo prompt

# telnet <hostname> 9100