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This is the third article, I am publishing on the subject of installing SAP Convergent Charging 2020. In part 1 and 2, I have explained the technical details and the Core server installation. In this blog post, I will be explaining the steps to install BART server.

I have shared the links for part 1 and 2 in reference. Please check those before reading this article.


Installation Steps:-


BART Server can be deployed on:

    • Existing host that already contains other CC services like Core server

    • New host which is dedicated for BART server


  • Prerequisites:-

    • Install HANA DB and create a BART DB admin user with below roles and privileges to connect. I took the name of the user as BART. You can select a different user name.

    • Create a service user in Core server and assign below roles. Also assign the security profile as a service user. Again I took the user name as BART. You can create a user with different name.

  • BART System details:-

      • BART SID                     : ABB


  • Installation Steps

    • Run SWPM -> SAP Convergent Charging -> Install -> Standard System Installation -> BART Serve

    • Select SID and Mount point

    • Provide master password

    • Select the database/host and update the admin user created in db.

    • Provide CA and SLD details if already setup. You can skip if not already setup.

    • Select the security mode for communication.

    • Select BART server settings

    • Select the encryption level for the connection to Core server

    • Enter the connection parameters for Core server

  • Login to BART Server

    • Create a user in Core server with a role Batch Rating Administrator

    • Go to /usr/sap/bart_tool/bart_tool/bin

    • Run ./ with <sid>adm user

  • SAP MC status



  • Completed the BART server installation for CC 2020 with HANA 2.0 database.

  • I will be sharing another blog post of various tools and their usage available in convergent charging.

  • CC can be integrated to S4HANA for rating and charging.

  • You can use convergent Mediation system to collect the raw data from various sources. Mediation then process those and transform it in to CC readable format.



  1. All the images used in this article are taken from the POC project by running sap SWPM tool.

  2. SAP installation document:

  3. Part 1 : SAP Convergent Charging 2020 FP0 Installation with HANA 2.0 Database- Part 1- Overview | SAP Blogs

  4. Part 2 : SAP Convergent Charging 2020 FP0 Installation with HANA 2.0 Database- Part 2- Core Server installati...

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