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The SAP BusinessObjects planning and consolidations (BPC) tool is now optimized for S/4HANA Finance with a new name SAP BPC OPTIMIZED FOR S/4 HANA Finance. This is an Add-on to S/4HANA Finance introduced to overcomes the pain points of multiple parallel planning process, transfer programs and Extraction, Loading and Transformation (ELT) between different planning systems, batch jobs, manual steps etc.

Key Capabilities / Benefits of SAP BPC OPTIMIZED FOR S/4 HANA Finance (Formerly SAP IBPF)

  • It eliminates data replication and have real time access to master and transactional data maintained in SAP ERP for modelling and variance analysis.

  • It enables flexible drill-down on drivers of profitability including customer, segment, product category, product, geography and channel

  • It provides a Seamless integration of BPC planning screens into ERP by replacing the current planning capabilities in SAP ERP like Cost Center Planning, Profit center planning etc.  It also enables Retraction of Plan data generated in SAP BPC to SAP ERP for variance analysis with the actuals.

  • It Provides End-to-End simulation capabilities. If a sales manager enters planned sales/revenue, the same will be reflected in Profit and loss planning in BPC.

  • It offers Single Planning solution with strengths of BPC, BW-IP solutions integrated with ERP which gives line item level drill down and single source of truth.

  • It enables identification of trends, insight and forecasts using predictive analysis through SAP HANA

  • It comes with pre-defined planning models for easy and quick adoption with various planning templates and BW/HANA content

Pre-defined Planning Templates and BW/HANA content

Following templates are available for supporting:

  • Cost center planning

  • Functional Areas / Work Analysis

  • Internal Order Planning

  • Project systems Planning

  • Profit Centre Planning

  • Cost of Sales Planning

  • P&L Planning

  • Market Segment

  • WIP Analysis

  • Balance sheet

Following BW/ HANA Content available as part of offering:

  • Info-Providers

  • Queries

  • Planning Functions

  • Filters

  • Sequences

  • HANA Information Models



(Formerly SAP IBPF)


It comes with embedded  S/4 HANA by consuming SFIN

It is a add on top of the business suite, no seamless integration from ERP to SAP BPC Embedded

It can leverage HANA views for real time data consumption from ACDOCA tables of S4HANA (Transaction & Master data)

Here, HANA views can be leveraged for Actuals, RSBPC (Package for BPC IP Extension) tables will be used

FI and CO is reconciled by Design and no specific reconciliation is required

ERP is source system for BPC, the reconciliation of FI and CO is required at source system.

It comes with Common financial model (CCA, PCA, IO, PS, LP and P&L) for ERP and BPC. Pre-delivered content is included.

Separate modelling can be created for flexibility in addition to IBP (Consolidation, HR PLAN, S&OP etc.). Few templates for Input forms and Reports are included.

This is classic/ Standard ERP Planning leveraged into SFIN Planning (S/4HANA+ BW IP PAK + UI5 + Fiori)

This is Classic/ Standard BPC moved into Embedded (BPC + HANA + BW IP PAK + UI5 )

It requires SAP Accounting powered by HANA license and SAP BPC version for NetWeaver license

It requires SAP Business Planning & Consolidation  version for NetWeaver license

It results in better decisions on End to End Simulation from ERP line item data to Planning / Analysis as both BW and ECC(ERP) reside on the same server

End to End simulation not available as ECC (ERP) is a separate system

Planning aligned to ECC structures like Company code, Plant, Profit center, segment etc.

Planning applications are controlled by Central team as per the CFO office requirement

S/4 HANA FINANCE is the main data source for planning and analysis

ECC can be one of the data source through tight integration with underlying BW



Bottom line: This blog is to give the key capabilities of SAP BPC OPTIMIZED FOR S/4 HANA FINANCE offering and how it is different from SAP BPC EMBEDDED.


My next blog – I will come up with the following topic “Which version or variant of BPC suits my requirement”


For clarity on which product a customer can choose depends on factors like

  • SAP OR Non-SAP Environment

  • Cloud Platform or not

  • ERP installation – whether S/4 HANA Finance or Not

  • Source systems for data etc.


Have a good reading…