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SAP BPC 10.1 HANA - Cannot find Documentary/directory


Unable to process some dimensions in BPC 10.1 administration and no obvious errors are recorded in BPC or in BW dumps. This type of error is difficult to identify as no clear indication of the root cause is shown.


While processing a dimension, BPC administration throws an error “Cannot find document/directory”.

Other than this no logs are generated or details are shown for this error either in BPC or in BW logs.

Error screenshot as below:

Cause of this error

There must be a blank member formula script. Examples in this case “Test” file as shown below:

Proceed with analysis if any other model has the same file. In this case, we found the same script in CAPEX and Rate model


Delete this “Test” (empty) from options section Member formulas. This is referencing to the blank script files in CAPEX/Rates model and BPC doesn’t support the use of the blank script file in the options section of Member formula.

Retest and process the dimension

Reprocess the dimension now and will be processed successfully



Dolly Katyal