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SAP GRC Access Control supports real-time compliance around the clock and prevents security and control violations before they occur. After implementation and deployment of the risk analysis and remediation software, businesses can analyze real-time data, find hidden issues and help ensure the effectiveness of access and authorization controls across the enterprise.


Some considerations regarding alert functionality:


Alerts could be used as soon as a user executes a specific conflict within the system:

  • to check if a user executes an SoD conflict or a critical transaction

  • to check if the reports defined in the mitigating controls were executed on time


Points to consider when using alerts:

  • no detailed authority check, only on transaction level

  • no time-dependend aspects considered (e.g. order goods on day 1 and create goods received on day 2 for a separate order will create an alert as well)


My suggestion is to use the alert functionality wisely.



How to use Alerting within SAP GRC?


Run the program GRAC_ALERT_GENERATION to create alerts. Make sure that the action usage sync job run before (GRAC_ACT_USAGE_SYNC) so that all executed actions are captured from the backend system.

There is the possibility to send email notifications to risk owner to be informed when a SOD violation occurs.


NWBC Report

Alert reports can be displayed or cleared in the frontend. Go to NBCW workcenter "Access Management" and open "Conflicting and Critial Access Alerts" in section "Alerts".


You have the possibility to clear an alert or delete an action.

  • Clear Alert – removes all parts of an alert. User has to execute all sides for the alert to reappear. This tasks requires a comment to be entered.

  • Delete Action – removes 1 action of an alert. User has to execute the deleted action for the alert to reappear.


If you need more information about the possibilities of alerting with SAP GRC do not hesitate to contact me directly by leaving a comment or sending an email.

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