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Revaluation is the increase or decrease in Purchase price due to changing market demands. This function in Invoice Verification helps in the settlement of such price changes. We can also revaluate purchasing document items for invoices or credit memos in different currencies.

Important indicators

The GR-based IV field must be flagged in the purchase order item or scheduling agreement item.

The Revaluation field must be flagged in the vendor master record.

SAP provides  MRNB Transaction in order to perform retrospective pricing and the automatic account determination for such price change happens through transaction Key RAP(Expense/revenue from revaluation) maintained in transaction OBYC

Note: Revaluation is not possible for a deleted or blocked purchase order item or scheduling agreement item

Example : The following test data is created in a Sandbox Environment

1.Create Purchase order with USD currency –Gross Price =10.00 USD /EA ,


  1. Create a goods receipt for 11 EA followed by an invoice receipt of 11 EA


  1. After the Invoice Payment lets say due to some regulations -Vendor    increased the gross price from 10 USD to 13 USD.

Now change the Gross price in the Purchase order in transaction ME22N


Revaluation in SAP takes care that this extra amount is settled by a credit memo or invoice as the case is required

4.Execute MRNB / Report RMMR1MRB in the test run mode


MRNB calculates the difference value(3*11=33.00 USD) between the New price(13.00 USD) inserted in the PO and reads the Old price(10.00 USD) from the Goods receipt.

The result is that due to additional price increase of 3.00 USD, an additional invoice needs to be posted.


Additional Invoice Generated from the Revaluation Run MRNB



Revaluation Invoice has been updated against the PO with the Difference price of 33.00 USD.

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