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In GRC Process Controls there can be requests from business to end date a number of entity objects. The possible option for this is to use the front end screens and delimit the end dates. But this is not an easy task if the list is huge, you will have to browse entities one by one and which is going to be a headache.

Also, there are few objects which will not allow you to end date by front end or back end. For the above 2 purposes you can make use of the application RE_RHGRENZ4.

Below are the steps to proceed with this, below is the initial screen for this transaction. I am trying to end date a regulation of object id 50041648.

Ift has a regulation requirement tied, you should end date this relation first. You can find that from HRP1001.

Run the Tcode RE_RHGRENZ4

Execute it, make sure you made the selection in the above way only. Selected infotype 1001 because we need to end date the relations, 1001 holds all kind of relationships in GRC system.

Here is the result,

Refresh the HRP1001 table and verify.

It is end dated.

Now we need to end date the object so that the infotype should be selected 1000.

By this method, you can end-date/set new end date all objects available in GRC Process Control



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