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A while ago, i wrote a blog post where i detailed a issue found in SSM10 and the solution found to it and i thought it would be convenient to post it in a document, so here it is, hope is helpfull for somebody facing this problem:

I recently came across a problem on a project, in which when the option "drill" is selected, the tool does not work right because it shows all the members of the dimension (including result, outputs and inputs) instead of showing only the result and then browsing through the hierarchy from result to outputs and from outputs to inputs.The following images illustrate the expected and proper operation as well as the incorrect behavior found:

  • Correct: start the drill from result, and then navigate from result , to outputs, and from outputs to inputs.

  • Incorrect: the drill shows all the dimension members(including all result, output and input at once) and when you click some member(result or ouput) , nothing happens insted of drilling down, and when you click "drill up" sometimes it erases all members and nothing can be done.

Solution Found: after days and days of searching an answer from top to bottom y realized that PAS Models using "Entry and approval" worked fine, and other models using pas procedures to load data where the ones with the problem, i tracked the "entry and approval" logs to see if something in the PAS procedures was missing, and effectively , there was something missing: the SSM front-end uses a document called LASTDATE and the instruction SET LATEST to calculate the graphics,if these are missing,the frond end crashes. "entry and approval" writes the system date to the LATEST document when it loads data and runs the SET LATEST instruction, so the PAS procedures need to write the load date in this document and run the command too, this solves the problem.

In some future post, i'll show an example of how to write this document and run the SET LATEST instruction from within a PAS load procedure.

Hope this is usefull for somebody looking for an answer, regards from Guatemala!