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You successfully configured integration now below document will help you to follow refresh process. This can be done as per your business requirements.

Follow steps below to perform ONESOURCE tax software refresh


  • Stop Determination service on window


  • Backup SBXTAX and SBXAUD Databases from Production and restore them on target SQL instance


  • Run following SQL statement on SBXTAX database and SBXAUD

    • sp_change_users_login 'update_one', 'sbxtax', 'sbxtax'

    • sp_change_users_login 'update_one', 'sbxaud', 'sbxaud'

Note: Steps below are for clustered installation only.

  • Open SBXTAX database in SQL

  • Look for table sbxtax.TB_CONFIG and edit top 200 rows

  • Delete line 15 (Cluster settings)


  • Press Execute button

Note: Do not perform steps mentioned above on your database. Perform steps through fronted only. You can use mentioned steps for your reference.

Continue from here is no cluster installation

  • Start Tomcat Service for determination



  • Press Run button to start installation


  • Click on ‘messages’


  • For any duplication error contact functional team to fix it(Duplicate format will be | |)


  • In determination go to Menu >> System >> Import Export (TAB Import)


  • Import browsing file ‘Sabrix US Master May 2017 (As per requirements)


  • Click Next >> Next >> Close


  • Import international content (If required)


  • In Determination go to Menu >> System >> Import Export (TAB Import)


  • import Sabrix INTL 3rd Master May 2017 (As per requirements)


  • Change reporting URL on configuration in determination configuration


  • Run query on SBXAUD DB: alter table sbxaud.RS_INVOICE_LINE_TAXES ADD COMPLIANCE_AREA_UUID varchar(32)

Note: This script might not require on your Database


  • Run install.bat in administrator mode from installer


  • Login to DataServices and run jobs

    • Note: Run below to find date and number

select min(creation_date) from SBXAUD.TB_INVOICES

select count(creation_date) from SBXAUD.TB_INVOICES

Jobs you need to run as below in sequence

  1. OP_User_Access_Load_Cleanup

  2. SBX_AuditStage_Cleanup

  3. SBX_STAGE_Load

  4. SBX_AuditStage_Cleanup

  5. SBX_STAGE_Load

  6. OP_User_Access_Load

  7. SBX_STAGE_Load

  8. OP_User_Access_Load

Configure regular jobs in DataServices as required.

Thank you for reading my series of ONESOURCE TAX software installation blogs.


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