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You successfully installed Certificate Manager and now you are on next step to install DFI (Data File Integrator)

  • Install tomcat (Same as other products)

  • Run \Docs\database-creation-scripts\sql-server\CreateSqlServerUserAndDatabase.bat (Change log file location as per standard)

  • Copy \Docs\application-server-files\logback.xml in to ‘conf’ folder of tomcat

  • Copy Docs\application-server-files\tomcat\jmxremote.access and jmxremote.password to conf folder of tomcat

  • Copy content of \tomcat\datasource-files\SQL Server DataSource Template.txt paste in server.xml (line 40 and 41)

<Resource name="jdbc/DataFileIntegratorDataSource" 
validationQuery="select 1"

# Copyright 2016 Thomson Reuters/ONESOURCE. All rights reserved.

# WSDL location for determination user service. Do not forget '?wsdl' at the end

# Indicate if the authentication service mentioned above is cloud service or not. (Accepted valules: true/false)

# Integer value of session timeout time for the application, in minutes. Max allowed value: 10080 (1 Week), default: 30, if property is omitted.

Note: Change URL as you required for : determination.service.authentication.url

  • Open tomcat configuration and change memory to 2048 and 2048 (Set as per your requirments)

    • Add java options as below




      • -Dis.tomcat=True

      • -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=Servername



      • -Dlogback.configurationFile=../conf/logback.xm

  • Copy sqljdbc4.jar to tomcat’s ‘lib’ folder

  • Copy \WarFiles\ dfi-installer.war to tomcat’s ‘webapp’ folder

  • Start Tomcat

  • Stop tomcat once you see OK message on installer

  • Delete installer folder and war file from tomcat webapp folder

  • Copy all another job-consumer-app.war, file-watcher-app.war, data-file-integrator.war to webapp of tomcat

  • Copy folder “ DataFileIntegrator “ from Docs\file-watcher-directory-structure to ROOT of DFI installation

    • Rename company A folder inside to “ Your Company Name” (You have assigned this company to User with 'Certificate Manager Admin' role)

  • Start Tomcat

  • Login with created user

  • Click configure

    • Provide created user and password

    • Open determination service URLand paste in Base URL of configuration

    • Certificate manager Base URL : http://host:port/cm-soap-service-app/

    • File Source Directory : J:\ (As you copy 'DataFileIntegrator' folder)

    • File processing threads : 2

    • Email configuration:

  • Under Services Dropdown select : UserService – FindUser

    • Under Input TAB

      • User: name

      • Default: DBA

      • Test: DBA

    • Save mapping name as: FindUser

    • Output TAB

      • Select Message move over and save mapping

      • Test to see if you can find users or not

  •  Share DataFileIntegrator folder root of J:\ so functional users can perform data load.

You successfully installed Certificate Manager software. Now we are going to install Reporting


Thank you

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