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Hi Every one,

Today you are going to know about Multi source reporting in BPC.

Business scenario:

We have data in different sources in order to combine those sources and see a reports in a single work book, Then definitely we have to know about Multi source Reporting.

Multi-Source Reporting:

In EPM add in you can create multiple reporting spread sheets, based on several connections(Data sources). For instance, in a single work book you can display different reports in a single work book.

The first report can be connected to Planning and Consolidation data source and the second should be BW Infocube/ DSO by using local ODBO Provider conncetion.

How to Create OLEDB/ ODBO Conncetion:

1.Login into BPC system and next click on EPM Add-in Excel.

2. Connection Manager Pop-up will appear then click on create radio button.

3.Logon screen pop up ask details about user name and password, enter those and click on logon.

4.In the connection type select local.

5.And Select OLEDB Provider to connect it.

6. Next click on Conncet.

7. Enter connection details and click next button

8.Next it pop up logon screen, enter required credentials.

9.And Select your BW connection.

10.Click on ok, and enter the required credentials.

11.And select infocube and click on Finish.

12.Select your infocube which you want to build a report.

13.After selecting the infocube click on ok button below, it will pop up a connection manager their select the connection.

14.give the required credentials.

15. It will goto the excel.Their we build a report in normal way.

Hope This May helpful


Saidareddy G