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SAP TechEd 2015 in Las Vegas is just two short weeks away. Have you created a personal agenda yet? Mine is still a work in progress, already jammed with double and triple- booked times, but there are some things that I can recommend with certainty. Most importantly, do create a personal agenda. No matter how busy you are, it is worth spending some time browsing the sessions both by the tracks and by some keyword searches. Every year I find some security-related  sessions in other tracks, so it is time well spent. It is also OK to double book your agenda, in case a session cancels or is not what you expected.


So what is in my personal agenda? First, let me back up to something not in my own agenda, but everyone should at least consider: the ASUG pre-conference sessions. Depending on the projects ahead at your organization, there could be something to give you a great deep-dive start to the week. Be sure to check them out in this post by tammy.powlas :

Jump Start SAP TechEd Las Vegas with ASUG Pre-Conference Hands-on Sessions


OK, back to my own agenda. Here are some recommendations for you to consider adding to your own agenda:


1. GRC Access Control Sessions. I am so pleased to see such a variety of sessions on GRC Access Control at SAP TechEd this year. This has been a quest of mine for several years now, to get more content in this area into the program.  If Access Control is something you are implementing or already support, be sure to consider these presentations:

SEC110 - Upgrading SAP Access Control and other GRC solutions from 10.0 to 10.1. My organization has not yet upgraded to 10.1, so I am very much looking forward to the lessons learned and other content of this ASUG education session.

SEC208 - SAP Access Control Customer Connection: Co-Innovation for the Win. This is my own presentation, so of course I am excited about it. Come to this session to hear about the improvements to SAP Access Control,  some  already delivered and some still in progress, that came out of Customer Connection projects, and learn about what is ahead.

SEC160 Hands-On Lab: An Introduction to using Key Features of SAP Access Control. A hands-on session on GRC Access Control- woo hoo! I have been begging for this for years. Access Control 10 has so much functionality that you may not have implemented all of it yet. This is the perfect opportunity to get hands on-time in several areas. If you have not yet signed up for your Hands-On sessions, get going, they are filling up.

SEC807 Road Map Q&A SAP Access Control. This is our chance to hear about the road ahead for this solution and ask questions of the product owner.


2. Security sessions. The security track covers a lot of ground; depending on the solutions in use at your organization, some of these sessions are likely to be more applicable than others, so be sure to browse both sub tracks of the Security track. Some of the sessions in my agenda:

SEC107 "Access"ing Your SAP Security Data. This session includes an intro to SAP Security, so if you are just starting out in SAP security, this ASUG education session will be great for you. As for me, I am looking forward to hearing about using Microsoft Access to manage security data.

SEC206 Deploying SAP Fiori to meet the Needs of Your Current Security Model.  My organization is not yet using Fiori, but surely it is just a matter of time, so this is another ASUG education session on my list.


3. ASUG education sessions. The ASUG sessions already mentioned are just a sample of the TechEd content brought to you by ASUG's TechEd Design Team: tammy.powlas, kristen.dennis, kevin.comegys, and me, along with our SAP Point of Contact peter.mcnulty. We have been hard at work since before ASUG/ SAPPHIRE to bring you the best possible content from ASUG members. You can find it in the session catalogue under the Source filter. Some of the other ASUG sessions in my agenda are:

TEC122 Building the Business Case for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

INT110 Secure Integration to the Cloud: Connecting On-Prem and Cloud Applications

BA122 It Isn't Only Brain Surgery: SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObject BI Solutions.


4. Expert Networking sessions. These may be the hidden gems of SAP TechEd, your place to meet with SAP Mentors, presenters, product managers, and your peers.  I am hosting two Expert Networking sessions in the SAP Mentors Lounge, EXP 27263 on Tuesday at 1:30 PM, and EXP27262 on Thursday at 10:30 AM, and I hope to see a lot of the regulars from the GRC and Security spaces on SCN as well as ASUG members there. To find the Expert Networking sessions and add them to your personal agenda, do a search with a filter on Session Type> Networking session.


5. Evening Events. After a long day of lectures, labs, road maps, and chatting with the experts, it is great to kick back and network in a more informal way. Be sure to attend the Networking event on Wednesday, starting at 6:00 PM on the show floor. The SAP Fiori Jam Band will once again lead the way and rock out Las Vegas. Come and sing along with us! Photo courtesy of SAP photographers.



Hope to see you all there!