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I'm posting some important T-CODES in BW side that certainly help while working in BPC :smile: ..

Transaction Code


UJ_VALIDATIONValidation Maintenance (Old version - currently implemented using CONTROLS in BPC
UJ0_IMG_01BPC Parameters
UJ0_IMG_02BPC AppSet Parameters
UJ0_IMG_03Model Parameters
UJ00BPC Configuration
UJBPCTRTransports - Create Request
UJBRP&C: Backup & Restore Tool
UJETCUJE Transaction Data Check
UJFSFile Service
UJKTScript Logic Tester
UJLDauto update msp file upload
UJQ0Query Runtime Parameters
UJR0Writeback Runtime Parameters
UJSTATPerformance Statistics Report
UJUT_DATAUnit Test Data Maintain

Thanks and Regards,

Anurag Yadav

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