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In this blog I like to show how you can monitoring the events on Real Estate Contract  along your business process.

There are many knowledge sources available to understand the 'Resubmission' concept. Fist of all is the manual of Sap  Course AC295 (Flexible Real Estate Management)

I suggest becoming familiar with them before you start.

As a Sap Real Estate expert, many times I have been asked by users to be able to monitor some events of a contract and to receive ALERTs via e-mail when an event occurs.
The 'Resubmission' feature on SAP 'provides a partial answer to this problem as it DOES NOT provide for the sending of ALERTs. The user can only use the RECARS and RECARSCN transactions which provides as output a check list of activities to be completed.

This issue is generally solved in a procedural way through the RECARS or RECARSCN transactions.

The point is that these activities are not automatic and therefore delegated to the user who must run the report and eventualy send an email attaching the ALERTS.


 Solution Adopted 

The solution adopted to automate sending (already used on several projects) was to implement the 'Resubmission' standard functionality and use a custom program (copy of RFRECARS) to send the e-mails.
The custom program, scheduled via SM37, will send the e-mails to the various recipients (managers, offices, etc).

This solution has the following advantages:
1) Possibility of managing deadlines in all real estate objects that use the 'Resubmission' tab (Building, Rental Object, Offer, Contract).
2) Ability to send information to an external system by sending
3) Possibility of using the standard functions through: Standard Report, Agenda in RE80, SAP navigator

Let's get into detail!

Below you can see an example of the flow of creating an offer in an external system, creating in SAP and converting to contract.

All activities are followed by the sending of ALERTS (e-mails) or messages to an external system.

Step 1: First, you need to create ALERTS in offers.

In this case the user wishes to receive an ALERT every month to remember to convert the contract (Z1) and a fixed date ALERT to automatically reject the offer and send an email to the creator of the offer on the external system (Z2).

To create the ALERTS in the WS function of creating the offer from the external system, the fields of the RESUBM_RULE table of the CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_RE_OF_CREATE' must be filled

Step 2: Create a copy of the RFRECARS standard program

Create a copy program of the RFRECARS standard program and insert:

- the reading of standard texts (SO10) containing variables. The use of standard texts allows for more flexible text management

- coding for send mail

Step 3: Handle events that need BAdI to be intercepted

In this flow the only case is the activation of the contract. In this case, use the contract's Badi AFTER_STORE method.



With the described approach you can cover the major events on Sap Re-FX offer and contract.

This approach is applicable for greenfield (to be) or transition (as is) projects.


Let me know your thoughts on that. If there are any improvements that could be made and what are your challenges to work with the real estate.

Best Regards,

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