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This is the second step of uploading bank master data in SAP S/4HANA. If you have not read first part of this document then do read first part by clicking link here. As Account ID's are dependent on Bank keys uploaded in system in first instance.

In order to understand process, first we will see how to fill the template of Account ID's Master Data. This template is a CSV excel file which is divided into three work sheets:



  1. General and Additional Data (Bank Account information).

  2. Connectivity Path (Links bank account to house banks configured in system).

  3. Additional Description (Account Description and Language).

We will fill necessary fields in first, second and third work sheets.


General and Additional Data:

Fields that are necessary to be entered under this worksheet are shown below:

All fields are self explanatory except specifically mentioned:

Technical ID: 5 digits unique account ID

Account type: Current or Savings account configured in system with 2 digits key.


Account Holder: Title of Corporate bank account



Connectivity Path:

Fields that are necessary to be entered under this worksheet are shown below:

House Bank: This is configured as an earlier step through customizing.


G/L Account: This is general ledger account defined in entity's chart of accounts.


Additional Description:

Under this worksheet following columns are necessary:


After updating the file, now we will go to Netweaver Business Client using transaction code NWBC entered in search bar of SAP Easy Access Screen:




Under NWBC, we will select Manage Bank Accounts button.


In this screen, we will press Import and Export Accounts button. A popup window will open.


In this screen, we will press Select File button to select file from PC for uploading purpose. Another popup window will open. Here we will select relevant file:



Now press OK.



After selecting file, proceed with Import with Test Run button to check for any error before uploading file:



After executing Test run, system shows that there is no error in file and it is good to be uploaded.



Now finally we will press Import button for uploading Account ID master data in system.



As it can be seen from system response, we have successfully uploaded Account ID master data in SAP S4 HANA.

In the next step, we will display uploaded master data in system. Go to transaction code FI13 by typing under search bar of SAP Easy Access Screen.


Then display Account ID master data uploaded:


Congratulations, Account ID master data is successfully uploaded in system. This is the overall process to be followed to upload bank master data in SAP S/4HANA.

Thanks for reading this document. For any query regarding both document, please mention in the comments section.