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Often during our implementations, we come across instances where our projects require the configuration of a new ODI step as per the business requirement. The objective of this blog is to explain step by step how to configure a new ODI step in Subscription Contracts.

The ODI process can be configured at the Subscription Order or Subscription Contract Level as per the business use case. In this blog, we will only cover configuring an ODI step at Subscription Contract level end to end.

Use Case: Configure a new ODI step that sends an event to a third-party system on the successful creation of a Subscription Contract in SAP SOM

All the necessary configurations to set up this new ODI step will be done in the below SPRO path.

Service -> Transactions -> Settings for Subscription Transactions ->Document Distribution->Define Settings for Document Distribution

Step 1: Define Step Categories

Step Categories are used to group a bundle of single distribution steps that must be processed together at a certain status of the document. For example Subscription Contract Activation, Subscription Contract Deactivation.

The below step categories are available as part of the Standard. You can add a new one if required.

In this example, we will be using Step Category P1 already available as part of standard.

No alt text provided for this image


Step 2: Define Step Types

A document distribution step type defines a single distribution step within the document distribution. The distribution step type should describe a single distribution function, for example in our case - Sending an Event to a third-party system.

Category - Every document distribution step type is assigned to a document distribution step category. In our case, we have assigned this to step category P1 as we want this to be executed during Subscription Contract Activation.

Document Distribution Step Type Class - The implementation class at the document distribution step type level is used to implement the actual distribution step execution logic. The class must implement interface IF_CRM_ISX_ORDER_MSG_DIST_TYPE


Step 3: Schema Definition

The document distribution schema bundles several distribution step types into document distribution schema steps. Each distribution step within a schema can have an individual description (which is visualized in the end user UI) and is linked to a distribution step type.

For this example, we will be using an existing schema and assigning the newly configured step to the same.

While assigning the Step Type to Schema we can define the step sequence and the prerequisite step for this step.

For example, the event should not be sent until the contract replication to FICA is not succesful.


Once the basic setup is done, we will set up the determination procedure for this newly added ODI step.

Step 4: Schema Determination

After defining a distribution schema, its determination at runtime can be controlled using the document process type and/or document item category. If a document is saved, the distribution step registration procedure checks the Customizing settings for each document item and checks if it is relevant for distribution.

Under this section, you can configure the transaction types and item categories for which the document distribution should be performed. This is already a maintained setting for our use case.

Step 4.1 Schema Assignment 

For each transaction type and item category assign a schema as per the requirement. Select the schema and click on the node - Step Types

Step 4.2 Step Types

Under this section, you will observe the Step Type configured above ZSNF pops up automatically. If this step is only required to be executed for certain Transaction types and item categories, we can mark it as inactive for those combinations as required.


With this, our new ODI step is configured. You shall be able to view it under the Fulfilment status screen as when a new subscription contract for the assigned transaction type and item category is booked.

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