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These issues and resolutions on GRC Process Control's  Manual Control Performance(MCP) assessment are shared from my experience on GRC PC 10.1 SP 7.

This is the 3rd part to the series on GRC PC issues. The 1st part is available at


  1. Filtering on Change Analysis report does not show the results according to selection criteria.

Issue: Report 'Change Analysis' under NWBC> Master Data > Reports shows more data than selection criteria. Eg. Selection criteria consists of a specific subprocess. However, results show all Subprocesses.

Solution: The reason is that fields such as Organization, Control, Regulation, Process and Subprocess are not included in the Filter criteria. Include the above fields in the path as shown below.



  1. Deleted MCP assessments do not get removed from MCP results report

Issue: MCP assessments when logically deleted do not get removed from MCP results report.

Resolution: Sometimes transactions such as GRPC_AS_REORG do not show the processes/cases to be removed. However, the MCP ids after logical deletion can still be found in table GRPCCTRLPERF. A custom program was developed to remove these entries from all tables. This removed the entry from MCP's results reports, as well.

It is expected that MCPs will appear in GRPC_AS_REORG, which is used for managing the MCPs, such as deletion.


Unlike the MCPs that appear in the right of the frame as in screenshot above, the MCPs in this issue/case does not appear. And therefore, the same MCPs will need to be deleted through a custom program.

A custom program can remove such entries and then the same will not appear in MCP results reports.


  1. MCP links not visible in MCP Results report

Issue: Some MCPs do not have links/names in MCP results report as shown below. The column 'Control Performance' normally bears the same. This issue highlights the solution to fill the name for such missing MCPs.

Resolution: Those MCPs whose names do not appear can however be found in the table GRPCCTRLPERF.

This is a bug which can be fixed through a custom program. This program will fill the missing MCP name/links from GRPCCTRLPERF and publish the same in MCP results report. The MCP id can be taken from GRPCCTRLPERF as a reference.

Summary: In this blogpost, few issues on GRC PC 12.0, SP 7 were mentioned.

Looking for your feedback: Hope you find this article useful. Please provide your comments and queries

I will try to provide more conceptual articles on GRC PC. Looking forward to your insights. Please tag your Q&A on GRC PC to SAP Process Control. More details on tags is available at



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