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GRC Process Control(PC): Issues and Resolutions- Part 2

This is the 2nd part to the series on GRC PC issues. The 1st part is available at


  1. Master Data > Execution of Change Analysis report shows no results.

Issue: Change Analysis shows the logs of changes to objects such as Org. units, Subprocess and Controls. However, this requires the Regulation to be selected before executing the report. The report can run into an error with ST22 dump as "CL_GRFN_CHANGE_ANALYSIS=======CP Error in the ABAP application program".

Solution: The reason for the error is that 'Change Analysis report is missing the column Regulation'. This regulation column can be added through SPRO > IMG > Governance Risk and Compliance > Reporting > Maintain report Column Settings. Select the report CHA_TECH and click on Columns RE and RE_T.


2. Link (Control Performance name) is empty in MCP results.

Issue: The report 'Manual Control Performance results' shows blank in the field 'Control Performance'.

Solution: The scenarios where MCP name/link field is blank is when bulk MCP assessments are scheduled resulting in the Text field(PERF_NAME) not getting populated. This text field carries the name/link of the MCP assessment. This field is blank for the MCPs of concern.

No standard program or transaction is available to include the missing MCP name/links.

A custom program is provided by SAP upon request through OSS to add the missing MCP name/link in the table GRPCCTRLPERF.


3. Deleted MCP assessments available in Manual Control Performance (MCP) results

Issue: Manual Control Performance assessments when logically deleted still show-up in Manual Control performance results report. This is not the expected behavior in GRC PC 12 SP 7.

Solution: The note '2963066 - Deleted MCPs Aren't Removed from MCP Report' did not resolve the issue. Transaction GRPC_AS_REORG need to be used to identify the MCP assessment from the Org unit, the control belongs to. In GRPC_AS_REORG, select Delete Control Performance and enter the Plan version as 01, Object type, Object Id and Reporting period. Upon execution, the Control will appear on the left pane. Double click the applicable control and select the delete flag for the assessment, Then click Delete available on the top left of the screen. This will remove the record from the  Manual Control Performance (MCP) results report.


Summary: In this blogpost, few issues on GRC PC 12.0, SP 7 were mentioned.

Looking for your feedback: Hope you find this article useful. Please provide your comments and queries

I will try to provide more conceptual articles on GRC PC. Looking forward to your insights. Please tag your Q&A on GRC PC to SAP Process Control. More details on tags is available at



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