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GRC PC provides functionalities such as Manual Control Performance and Master Data workflows, which helps an organization remain aligned with SOX policies. However, GRC PC users (Consultants, Auditors, Performers, testers, Administrators) run into technical issues. In this Part 1 of the series blogpost i am sharing experience on issues found in MCP and Master Data workflows of GRC PC 12 SP7.

  1. Master data Change requests are locked

Issue: A Master Data change request is released for a Control. Due to some reason, it's workflow/workitem is logically deleted using transaction SWIA.

Note:It is recommended by SAP not to use logical deletion. However at the same time, standard applications such as GRPC_AS_REORG do not give the required records for deletion of workflow. And then the object when opened shows Change requests already released (i..e exists). So, no change request is possible to trigger again.

Reason and Solution: It is observed that the Master data entries were found to be present in table GRFNMDCR and GRFNMDCRI. Unless the master data records(of the object that was released). were removed , new change request could not be released. No Standard program is available to delete these records from these tables. So, a custom program is required to be built to delete these records. After deletion, new change requests could be released again. A OSS incident can be used to get this program.


2. NWBC slow runtimes for approvers.

Issue: Not all users of GRC PC face any slowness (Eg. 5 to 10 minutes for WorkCenter pages to appear) while accessing Master data and Assessments. But few   users can face such scenario.  The reason was found to be high number of roles assigned to these users.

Solution: The note "3044923 - Slow Performance in NWBC for power user with many roles assigned", helped resolve this issue


3. Notification not being sent. SWN_SELSEN was stopped.

Issue: On the GRC system, there are error dumps named ASSETION_FAILED in ST22 and it was observed that job SWN_SELSEN is stopped.  The error is related to CL_GRPC_AS_REORG_AGENT========CP

Reason and Solution: The root cause for the stopped-job was found to be a stuck MCP assessment, where the performer/tester with whom the workflow is pending was no longer available in the system. This stuck assessment had led to MCP workflow being stuck. When this workflow 's id was logically deleted , the job was found to be running successfully.


4. MS EDGE(Chromium) gives 404 Unauthorized error for Manual Control Performance (MCP) approval requests

Issue: MCP work-item requests when opened(from mail) by testers/Performers for Testing in  MS EDGE(Chromium) were receiving 404 unauthorized error messages,  as there was no pop-up to enter the credentials.


a. The setting MCP_SWITCH_HTTPS is tick marked in V_GRCCUST1

b. The below settings were made in SICF services in GRC system


Summary: In this blogpost, few issues on GRC PC 12.0, SP 7 were mentioned. I will share more experiences on PC as i get them.

Looking for your feedback: There can be other variants to the above issues which you may have come across. Please share your experience on scenarios that you have faced. This will help everyone in our community gain experience on GRC PC.

Hope you find this article useful. Please provide your comments and queries

I will try to provide more such findings from GRC PC. Looking forward to your insights. Please post your question on GRC PC to SAP Process Control in the community Q&A area.



SAP Security, GRC and SAP IDM Consultant


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