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I am SAP Security Consultant for an Oil and Gas Industry. I am experienced in SAP Security and GRC Access Control as well. This article would help the GRC consultants who is interested to automate the manual HR related SAP process using provided GRC solutions. GRC Access Control with little SAP HR process knowledge needed to complete this configuration. The Purpose of this article is to understand the details of GRC HR Trigger functionality provided by Access Control 10.0. This single page Architecture and Configuration settings that needs to make the functionality works as per the business requirements in real time scenario.


This article would help to achieve the Automations, Meeting Audit and Compliance requirements, Process Efficiency and etc..


HR Triggers is used in Access Control 10.0 to automatically create an access request whenever an info type is changed in the HR Plug-in system. When I started working on GRC HR Trigger, I could not find complete configuration or architecture, but many SAP forums and blogs helped me with bits and pieces of information, with that I was able to achieve my expected results. I thought to write a blog on GRC HR Trigger which may help GRC consultant who is trying to automate user provisions due to SAP HR changes.


Understanding HR Triggers in AC 10.0


HR Trigger BRF+ Configuration

Below single page would explain the pictorial architecture of GRC HR Trigger and required configuration steps that needed to achieve HR Trigger functionality to be working.

HR Trigger Architecture in Single page


I am pretty sure that above information would definitely help people who is interested to learn and complete the GRC HR Trigger configuration. Please comment in case if any questions or clarifications on this article. Thanks...



Mahendran R

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