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BPC 10.0 NW version onward.


This blog post explains steps to export the transaction data to 'BPC File server' without header line using the standard export Data Manager Package.

Author(s)          : Mallikarjun Patil

Company         : TekLink Software Pvt. Ltd

Created on       : 28 July 2021


We have a SAP delivered Data Manager package in BPC for exporting data into a BPC file server with header line by using standard data manager package  ‘Export Transactional Data from BPC’ (Process chain - /CPMB/EXPORT_TD_TO_FILE). But when it comes to exporting data without Header line there is no straight forward approach available and to achieve this we need to maintain some additional parameters at the Transformation file level  .


We had a requirement to export the transaction data from BPC Model to BPC File server without Header line in the file.

Challenge with this requirement was to export the transaction data without header line, as this generated file will be further moved to SAP PCM system by using third party application tool for allocation purpose and hence it was mandatory that the file should not have the Header line.

Basic options available in the transformation file(listed in the below screenshot) should not provide the flexibility to export the transaction data without header.


Approach 1 :

This functionality can be achieved by implementing the end routing BADI, where we will have the flexibility to remove the Header line from the output file easily.

Limitations :

Going for BADI needs to have ABAP expertise and also transport of BADI implementation needs to move across the landscape from Development to Production.

Approach 2 :

This is the best feasible way to achieve the functionality as it addresses the limitations mentioned above and achieve the functionality with minimal effort. This approach uses the existing options present in the transformation file which will allow us to export the data without header line. Below highlighted commands we need to include in the Option section to achieve this functionality.


This option allows you to create a custom header to export data. It is ignored when the transformation file is used to import data.

Here {EMPTY} is used to avoid the generation of Header line in the output file.

{CRLF} is used for creating more than one row for the header.


This option defines the single character that is the delimiter between columns of the output if the FORMAT option is set to DELIMITED, Use the keywords SPACE or TAB if the columns are delimited by spaces or tabs.

This is the best feasible way to achieve the functionality as this approach addresses the limitations of


This functionality may not work in the older version of the SAP BPC and hence to enable this functionality we may need to Apply the program correction instructions of the note given in the below reference, or upgrade to CPMBPC 800 SP18 / CPMBPC 801 SP11 / CPMBPC 810 SP07 to apply this enhancement.


SAP Note : 2151158 - Enhance keyword 'OUTPUTHEADER'