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1. Back Ground:

Our project has made a transition from BPC on BW to BPC on Hana. Our SAP software components and versions are BPC 10.0 SP6 BW 7.4 SP 6 HANA 1.0 SP6.

Our client is a financial investment leader having businesses in 30+ countries and having data warehouse catering the business in 20+ Currencies.  We have a solution standing on a foundation of account based consolidation on monthly basis.

2. Area of Improvement:

Currently the data from the downstream is feed to the corporate EDW on monthly. During the month end people have to work extended hours. Month end consolidation process having 5 data flows. Taking one into example “Business Earnings-Data flow#1 (DF#1)”. The DF#1 has 20 steps for completing the data feed to BPC.

  1. 5-Steps to Extract the data from Source System (SAP + Legacy Systems)

  2. 5-Steps to validate/review/approve data in Legacy Reporting platform

  3. 5-Steps to formulate and re align the changes (S.No-2) to corporate EDW w.r.t SAP account numbers.

  4. 5-Steps to promote the data to BPC models from (Transformation, DTP and BPC MAPPING).

3. Root Cause:

  1. Our project BPC solution to 5 Years old (starting from BPC 7.5)

  2. The business transformation is in progressive mode and currently only 60% of the business transactions are SAP account based. 40% accounts are non-SAP based. So system & Designed process) is consuming 10 steps ( & 3) to align the accounts.

  3. Decided to design an simple process

4. Current architecture

5. Solution:

  1. Real time consumption of data from Legacy system.

  2. Eliminate the manual operations.

  3. Align the legacy account numbers and data on real time.

  4. Introduce Open ODS View into the data flow.

  5. Documents followed & Very useful

6. New Architecture


7. Achievements:

  1. Integrated legacy system in real time.

  2. Eliminated latency between corporate reporting and local / geo reporting.

  3. Now steps in data flow are reduced by 50%

  4. No month end activates as the data from Legacy is replicated in real time.

Note: OOV (Open Ods View)- The technical details of OOV I'll share in my future doc here.

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