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The concept of disabling Personalization settings globally for ABAP Web Dynpro will be discussed under the following topics:

  • What is Personalization?

  • Which Parameter controls Personalization Globally?

  • How to use the Parameter from disabling changes to ABAP Web Dynpro globally?

Personalization – An Introduction

The user of a web Dynpro application can influence the way the screen appears in a browser. It also provides various options to change the look and feel of the UI to suit the end user needs. At present, this modification option is limited to VISIBILITY. So, End users can hide elements on the screen by right clicking on the UI element where they can find an option called USER SETTINGS. In the below figure you can find the option for field Description available in Access Request used for Requesting New/change/lock/delete account etc.,

If any end user unknowingly hide any mandatory field while filling a form, then it will end up throwing an error and unwanted calls to administrators to resolve the issue. To prevent an end user from hiding or unhiding UI elements there is global and local setting for a specific Web Dynpro Application. In the context of the blog, I will be discussing about Deactivating making changes to personalization globally.

Parameter for Disabling Personalization to Web Dynpro ABAP Globally

The parameter that deals with personalization is WDDISABLEUSERPERSONALIZATION. This can be used for a specific web Dynpro Component or can be used globally to disable personalization.


How to Use the Parameter for Disabling Personalization Globally

To disable Web Dynpro Personalization Globally, execute the service WD_GLOBAL_SETTING from SICF as shown in the below figure.

In the next screen, Right-Click WD_GLOBAL_SETTING and select Test Service

In the next screen, select CHANGE button to bring the form into Edit Mode

Once you are in Edit Mode, Go to the node Adjustments Where you will find the parameter Do Not Allow Personalization by the User (WDDISABLEUSERPERSONALIZATION). Check the Option as shown in the figure and Press Save Button.

Now, if you go back to see the settings for the field Description for Access Request and right click you will not find User Settings. This will prevent the end users to hide or unhide a column.

In the Next Blog, Will provide Step by step for disabling Personalization for a Specific Web Dynpro Application.
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