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Hello SAP Finance Community,

Introduction: -

Electronic Bank Reconciliation is the most broadly used feature in SAP Finance. Bank reconciliation in sap are carried out through MT940 format. It is not necessary that all the transactions uploaded through MT940 get processed and cleared automatically through configuration setup in the SAP system.

Transactions that are not cleared post uploading the MT940 statement needs to be cleared manually through FEBAN by the end users.

There can be multiple scenario in a MT940 statement that will required partial as well as residual clearing process through FEBAN and filtering out various transaction as per end users requirement. I would like share my observation on the minimal and enhanced functionality of the screen layout that we help the users to carry out such manual processing of open items smoothly through FEBAN.


Process Walkthrough: -

The process walkthrough majorly consist of in detail observation and process steps that will make the end user aware about the minimal and enhanced functionality of the FEBAN screen along with different layout functionality that will help the end user to carry out they activities smoothly.


Different layout functionality of FEBAN screen

Initially if the user do not activate the enhanced function for T code: - FEBAN.

FEBAN screen is displayed with its minimal functions which can be seen in the below screen shot.

FEBAN screen with minimal functions


We can still use the enhanced layout function by following the below mention steps in the screen shot.

    1. Click on select all option.

    2. Right click and select show option.

Different FEBAN Layout options

Once we click on show option we get the required field from which we can select and get the same in the screen layout as per the user requirement which helps users to get the partial & residual payments distribute smoothly and get the transactions cleared.

Find the below screen shot for your reference.

FEBAN different fields options

After saving the required layout the respective fields get displayed on the initial FEBAN Screen.

Check the below screen shot.

FEBAN screen post adding additional fields.


Activation of Enhanced functions for FEBAN screen

We can also activate enhanced functionality for FEBAN screen by following the below steps on the FEBAN screen.

  1. Click on settings

  2. Personalization.

Check the below screen shot for reference.

Steps to activate enhanced functions for FEBAN

Below screen will appear once we click on personalization we just need to select enhanced function and continue.

Screen for activation of Enhanced Functions

Once the enhanced function is activated the FEBAN screen will start showing all the enhanced option on the initial FEBAN screen.

  1. FEBAN screen before activating enhanced function.

  2. FEBAN screen after activating enhanced function.


Conclusion: -

The above mentioned process flow will help the users to get the best user experience of the the FEBAN screen with a flexibility for the user to use the minimal and enhanced functions on the FEBAN screen. Users can enhanced the screen layouts for minimal & enhanced function as per they specifications and requirements.

This were few of my observation on the FEBAN screen and different kind of options available in standard SAP. This layout functionality also permits the organizations to streamline the open item clearing process as per they specifications. If you identify any areas for enhancement in this information, please don’t hesitate to share. Your feedback is highly valued as it contributes to refining the document. Your insights will be immensely appreciated in aiding further enhancements.