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Out-of-the-box functionality refers to content and features that are immediately available at deployment without the need for any modifications or technical work.

That’s all well and good, but who doesn’t like the option to customize or personalize to enhance their user experience and derive the maximum value from a purchase. From computer desktops and home screens on smart phones, to creating playlists in music streaming services, the experience is better if the features and content you use or enjoy are the most accessible – even more so if the purchase can be tailored to deliver exactly what you require.

Because every organization is unique in its KPIs, it is unrealistic to expect a given software solution to be ideal for all organizations out-of-the-box. SAP solutions come with pre-delivered content, but understandably this content doesn’t always meet an organization's specific requirements. Instead, SAP solutions allow for the building of the right content to meet each business’s needs.

Ideas to gain the maximum ROI by enhancing SAP GRC solutions:

* SAP Access Control – You could create user-friendly, easy to understand SAP FIORI reports so that for example, Emergency Access data could become easily searchable with customized field selection options. User access reports could be drilled down to levels of Group, Role, and Access.

Example benefits:

  • Enhanced insights to Firefighter access requests. Request statuses and approvers’ details would help auditability, increase audit speed, and provide greater risk assurance value.

  • Follow-ups with Firefighter request approvers or log approvers would be expedited, which could help improve SLA targets and improve user satisfaction.

  • Performing Audit checks could be faster and simplified, with information received in one scheduled and fully automated report.

* SAP Process Control – Why not allow users to complete control-based assessments both online, within the tool itself, as well as offline, using PDF assessments? This could deliver greater control over the scheduling of control-based assessments and enhance compliance.

* SAP Audit Management – What about creating content to optimize reporting capabilities? Audit Management comes with only two standard out-of-the-box reports utilizing Adobe forms; however customized styling and formatting could all be achieved for a greater personalised touch.

* SAP Process Control – How about allowing users to view, report and track on control-based assessments and testing results in real-time within custom dashboards?

Some ideas:

  • You could customize logic built into SAP Process Control for enhanced data sets.

  • Use SAP BW to present SAP Process Control data, including transactional, hierarchical, Master Data, data flows and process chains.

  • Build Dashboards using SAP Process Control source data, including reports for Status summary, Monthly performance trends and tracking against Business Processes performance, Issue tracking and remediation timeliness.

All of these ideas and benefits can be achieved by leveraging SAP FIORI or SAP Analytics Cloud to maximize the return on your software investment and improve the UX.

Don’t feel you have to accept a solution the way it’s deployed. Think outside the box and leverage SAP FIORI or SAP Analytics Cloud to create bespoke content to meet your organization's needs.