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This blog explains about the steps needed to add fields that are not part of the standard RAI structure delivered by SAP. This is the first step if you want to use your own fields in Automatic RAR contract combination.

Simple steps to add custom fields into the RAI structures and tables. And also how to populate them.

  • Create a Custom Structure in SE11 and add the wanted fields into this structue. This must be an append structure to existing structure 'INCL_EEW_FARR_ARL'

  • In FARR_IMG go the - Inbound Processing -->Maintain Revenue Accounting Item Classes. click on the RevAccITem Class and then click on the Customer fields.




The field that you have added in the custom structure will now be visible here. Select them and click on the RAW & Procesable

  • Now Generate the Item Class and these fields will be visible in the RAI tables that the system generates.

  • Now use the BADIs- "FARR_BADI_RAI0" & FARR_BADI_RAI2 and method "ENRICH". In the "CT_RAI2_MI" you can fill in the values to the respective fields. All the custom fields that was added

Now this will be visible in the Output of FARR_RAI_MON once the RAI item is created and also filled with the values.



Vijay V


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