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With Continuous  to Continuous Control Monitoring-GRCV10.0 Process Controls#Part1



Now assign the created business rule to control


Please be note that business rules can be assigned to local controls only

Click on Business rule assignment

Provide the valid from date of business ness in Date field and click on APPLY

Now select the required controls (Make sure controls are already created) from F4

  Click on SEARCH

Click on Modify to enable ADD button to add the business rule




Select the business rule,click OK

Now select the Business and select the frequencies from Maintain Frequencies


Click on SAVE to complete the business rule assignment to control.

Now schedule job:Automated Monitoring


Click on Automated Monitoring


Click on create Job




Select the regulation

Two BC Sets along with sample data are delivered by SAP: one is used for regulation SOX and the other is used for FDA.

Now select the control


If you do not find control details, suggested to check below points

  • The regulation who is indicated by you in the previous Share Regulation step is applied as a default search criteria in this step.

  • Only auto or semi-auto control could be searchable, manual control could not be used in scheduler.

  • For Automated Monitoring Job, only control whose trigger value is Date could be searchable; for Incoming Event Handling Job, only control whose trigger value is Event could be searchable.

  • Proper Business Rules must be assigned to control under the specific regulation who is indicated by you in the previous Share Regulation step with a reasonable period, and the proper frequency, Monitoring/Compliance flag must also be maintained if applicable. Please pay more attention on the Business Rule Assignment valid period, which could be seen through click Professional View button in Business Rule Assignment component. The date of Test Period who is indicated by you in the previous Header step must be totally covered by the corresponding Business Rule Assignment Valid Period, not any gap allowed.

  • For Automated Monitoring Job except SoD Integration and Process Integration sub scenario, you must have proper authorization to applied connectors defined in Business Rule.

  • For Automated Monitoring Job with Configurable and Programmed sub scenario, If control¡¯s corresponding organization has OLSP maintained, only the connectors maintained in this OLSP could be searchable.

  • If the target connector is indicated in the previous Header step, only this target connector could be searchable.



Click SAVE to complete the continuous monitoring scheduler.

The new job will be updated in Continuous Monitoring Scheduler catalog



Job Monitor

We can use Job Monitor to know the overview of continue monitoring jobs



Hope this blogs helps to someone who are looking for CCM.




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