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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

3/Nov/2016 blog updated for re-tagging due to SCN migration

Hi GRC space members


Participating in GRC with an attitude of continually giving to occasionally receive benefits us all. By voluntarily contributing to our space we all benefit in receiving technical document, strategies and ideas on how to architect, implement and support our systems. If you have been around this space for a while you might have noticed a slight increase in the volume and variety of documents and blogs being produced. What is fantastic about this is the number of authors involved. It is great to see the diversity of people contributing to our space. We want to see our space continue to grow and improve quality at the same time!



You may have noticed us starting to collaborate on articles or providing public feedback. Over time we have exchanged ideas and a vision on how we would like to see this space evolve. We also acknowledge we have different strengths and experiences and by teaming up we could improve our own quality and knowledge. The best improvement we felt was to encourage others to start producing material that was beyond the technical "How To" since these types of documents really belong in the Wiki (fingers crossed one day SAP/GRC Wiki will let some of us contribute there).



The idea - this idea - is a community collaborative effort to suggest topic ideas and for others to volunteer to write them. You might be out there wanting to contribute but cannot think of a topic (how many times has an article been published to which you realise you could have written something similar?) Perhaps you have searched looking for material for a specific question but could not locate it in, Marketplace, Wiki or SCN. Or maybe you have an idea for a topic but do not have the knowledge or experience to write it. All of these scenarios are what we want to target here.



Any SCN member can participate in this project:  GRC Document Collaboration Topics



You have an Idea for a Blog or Document:

  • Search to see if it already exist - look in, Wiki. Remember we do not want duplicated material on SCN

  • Edit the document GRC Document Collaboration Topics and add a row to the top of the table with a title and summary of your idea

  • We encourage you to use your real name in your account to keep this professional

  • Save and publish the document to make it available to the rest of the community



You want to volunteer to write the Blog or Document


As part of offering to be the author, you can ask for assistance. We felt this is a way for those new to blogging and writing documents to start. You might ask for help to review your document or provide input and feedback. You may be completely fine and require no assistance so good luck to you!


Note: if you promise to deliver by a certain date but do not complete you activity, we will attempt to follow up with you. If we cannot contact you with new deadline then we will remove your name for someone else to attempt the topic. Please consider your commitments before volunteering to attempt a topic. If you are aware you cannot meet the deadline but are still committed to writing it, please edit the document with an updated deadline.



Moderator and Coordinator Override

  • If we are aware this topic is duplicate (i.e. covered already or exists in Wiki) then we will edit the document to "reject" it. We will add a reference to it

  • If the promised deadline passes for a document or blog we will remove the author for let someone else have an opportunity

  • Moderators are welcome to override any content they feel necessary

  • Attempts will be made to privately contact the authors, etc to communicate reasoning and prevent wasting time and effort



You 'just' want to consume

Producing this type of content may not be your strength or interest and that is fine - there is no point writing something if we have no readers. Your contribution is import to this project by reading the material; liking the article (if you do); rating the article (if valid, poor ratings are encouraged but please add constructive feedback); and adding comments with your feedback. Rating and comments are an integral feedback mechanism to the author to help them improve their skills, and to the rest of the community to benefit from the article. At the same time if you change your mind or see a topic that you could attempt then by all means jump in and have a go!



So without further delay let's get blogging and writing! If you have any suggestions or clarifications please add comments to this blog below. We can update the guidelines based on feedback. Refer to the instructions below our sign-off for rules on participating.



Your SCN GRC self-proclaimed coordinators of this project (a mixture of SAP Mentors, Moderators and GRC enthusiasts):


m.lee, alessandr0, fernando.bassuino

gretchen.lindquist and frank.koehntopp



Instructions for updating the table in the document:


These are the instructions to update the document: GRC Document Collaboration Topics. If you would like to suggest improvements to the process or have any concerns, please add comments to this document. Based on community feedback, we can amend the rules if necessary.


Note: you are welcome to be both the Requester and the Author if you want to advertise that you are working on a topic


Step 1: Requester to Complete

  1. Enter Date you added your entry

  2. Add your name (remember copy URL or your profile and SCN will convert to your name)

  3. Specify if it is a document or a blog

  4. Idea - summarise what your idea is. Please advise if you would like overview, details, technical, etc. The author will take this as a consideration

  5. Option - if the author follows you in SCN, recommend you follow them back so you can both communicate privately via SCN



Step 2: Author to Complete

  1. Add your SCN profile to the document (remember copy URL of your profile and SCN will covert to your name)

  2. Enter Date Due for when you intend to complete the document or blog. This is a self-imposed deadline. Refer to document link for rules to explain consequence if you cannot deliver in time. If deadline is close to approaching and you need time, please edit and extend deadline (within reason) to communicate you have prioritised it

  3. Assistance - please advise if you would like someone to help you in writing your blog or document. Help can include contributing content and business examples or assistance with formatting and language. It may be your first time writing a professional document and you would like constructive feedback before publishing (it can be a bit scary posting your first document or blog).

  4. Optional - recommend you follow the Requester in SCN to seek any further clarification and ideas (they will need to follow you back)



Step 3: Collaborator to complete (if assistance requested)

  1. Add your SCN profile to the document (remember copy URL or your profile and SCN will convert to your name)

  2. Follow the author on SCN so you can direct message each other



Step 4: Author to Publish

  1. Add the link to the document or blog once completed

  2. Ensure you document and blog acknowledges the person who suggested the idea and any collaboration you received.


Moderator and Coordinator Override

Moderators and those involved in SAP Wiki cleanup project may intervene and reject the topic idea. They must add their name and high level reason. They should reach out to the author to discuss reason for rejecting the suggestion. This moderator override has been included to reduce wasted effort or risk of rejected content via Alert Moderator functionality.


The coordinators of this project will intervene if the author does not meet their deadline commitments. They will add a comment if they have removed the author, etc. As most coordinators are not moderators (in the GRC space), they will perform more administrative functions of this project.


Happy brainstorming!

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