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Hello @All,

(versão em ?? abaixo)

Here in Brazil (like many other countries) we have Electronic invoicing.

Each state (as we call "Autorizador") has their oficial SOAP Web Services for sending, canceling, etc. invoices. Example:

So there is a "Status" Web Service, so we can periodically check if the services are Online for him (as if there any issue, we have do "switch" to a different location).

All of the above is performed on the SAP® GRC NF-e product, more info here: here

But this WS services are not really "open", as you need to have a digital certificate in order to perform any calls, not really interesting if you just want to "status check" each issuer.

So now we've got to my main motivation, to create a "way" that anyone can check the status for these WS on their systems, apps, etc. The government do provide status for them, but on a URL format, like the image below from here.

Added to the need that i had to perform a POC on a similar solution, i've decided to create a Free REST API(Using NodeJS and hosted @ Heroku) that returns status for the WS regarding: NF-e, CT-e, BP-e and MDF-e.

You can check the API Documentation here: API Documentation (Swagger)


All the services are well documented (with the data source as well):

Always returning data in JSON, example:
"Autorizador": "AM",
"Autorização": "Online",
"Retorno_Autorização": "Online",
"Inutilização": "Online",
"Consulta_Protocolo": "Online",
"Status_Serviço": "Online",
"Tempo_Médio": "-",
"Consulta_Cadastro": "",
"Recepção_Evento": "Online"


Testing on Postman the NFE service, URL:

If you notice, it has the same information that the Government websites, but returning Online/Offline/Warning rather than the images(green, yellow and red) showed on them.

So now anyone that needs a API (as the "World speaks Rest APIs") to check the WS Status for them, on a Mobile, Desktop, Interface, etc., feel free to enjoy this API.

I've decided to create a simple DEMO SAPUI5 app that consumes the NFE service, just to show it running live. Check out here:



Enjoy. ?



Olá, tudo bem?

Como podem ver acima, criei uma API REST grátis para consulta dos status do WS de NF-e, CT-e, MDF-e e BP-e, para todos que necessitam desse tipo de consulta e não tem/desejam fazer da forma oficial (com a necessidade de certificado digital).

Toda documentação(Swagger) da API pode ser consultada na URL abaixo:

Também fiz uma aplicação em SAPUI5 para demonstrar o consumo dessas informações (no caso somente NF-e) na URL abaixo:

Obrigado. ?